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lead-acid ebike

batterys ballenced on both sides of single wheel trailer
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[edited see below]Trailers have the following drawbacks: Reversing not easy, can break into an angle. If powered, can cause push sideways if at angle. Extra back two wheels need to be regulated correctly. Especially if powered.

So this trailer will have to be limited in turning angles. When going backwards, perhaps it could be raised somehow (somehalf).

[edited here]The motor is a usual e-bike kit siting on the regular front or back wheel of the bicycle. The heavy batteries are in a quick connection trailer.

pashute, Aug 21 2011


       But how does this thing do the other thing?
DIYMatt, Aug 21 2011

       What other things? Edited for clarity
pashute, Aug 22 2011

       I'm having difficulty perceiving the idea. Lead-acid batteries have been used to propel bicycles for awhile...trailers for bicycles is not novel...quick connects are passé...   

       Help me understand where the idea is lurking.   

       sp: "balanced" "sitting"
Klaatu, Aug 22 2011

       // atomatic braking system //   

       Nuclear-powered retros, cool !
8th of 7, Aug 22 2011

       How is this an improvement over a regular, non-trailer- towing electric bicycle? One of my friends has an e-bike he built from a kit that works just fine sans trailer.
Alterother, Aug 22 2011

       Notation Toby answered. Lead acid is a tenth of the price. The motor costs under 100 bucks.   

       Benefits: (a) The battery is what gets stolen. If its big and heavy, less chances of stealing. (b) All benefits of trailer (shopping bag, active traveler seat with battery filling pedals, etc). (c) Followup of bus and truck (see older idea of mine) for company that does this.
pashute, Aug 22 2011

       [pash] may actually be on to something here, but only if a more conventional twin-wheel trailer is used.   

       Bicycle trailers are Baked.   

       Electric bicycles are Baked.   

       But, consider:   

       This idea will NOT reduce the mass (therefore, inertia) of the vehicle as a whole. But it might confer a few advantages that bear closer consideration.   

       With an electric bicycle, the frame, tyres etc have to support the rider and the mass of the battery (the mass of the motor is negligible). In this case, the battery is separated, allowing a lighter frame. It would make electric bike conversions much easier to implement.   

       A trailer is a very convenient way to transport cargo.   

       The trailer does not need to have pneumatic tyres; solid tyres and minimal springing would be sufficient. This would reduce rolling resistance.   

       If the link between the trailer and the bike were made lockable, it would make the bike much more difficult to steal.   

       A standard trailer with an aluminium alloy frame could mount two 50 Ah lead-acid batteries slung below the axle, conferring immense stability, and still leave space above for cargo, while giving the whole assembly a remarkable range compared to current designs.   

       Hills would be interesting, unless the trailer is equipped with "powered hubs" which are calibrated to deliver zero rolling load based on a strain gauge built into the towing linkage.
8th of 7, Aug 22 2011

       Furthermore, my buddy says he paid about $130 for his kit (bike not included). $30 extra = no cumbersome trailer? Yeah, I'd shell out the extra green.
Alterother, Aug 22 2011

       We don't believe you.   

       Because we don't believe that you have a "buddy", unless it's the imaginary friend the nice doctor told you to take the pills for.
8th of 7, Aug 22 2011

       You make a valid point, Borg. I shall check my premises and confirm existence of flesh-and-blood friends.   

       As for the kit, it was purchased five or six years ago from some company in California that, predictably, no longer exists. When I next see my alleged friend, I'll ask him what it's called, so all of you can wish you bought one when they were still available.
Alterother, Aug 22 2011

       // confirm existence of flesh-and-blood friends //   

       Errr ... may we point out that the ones in your freezer don't count. They must have body temperatures of at least 36C to qualify.
8th of 7, Aug 22 2011


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