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lego jello

lego jello
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jello molds shaped like legos so you can build your castle, and eat it too!
pevins, Jun 29 2000

Lego http://www.lego.com
The Lego site [MrTheRich, Jun 29 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Hmm, sounds like a good idea at first, but what about the mess. Obviously people of the correct age for playing with lego and eating Jelly, sorry Jello, (20-25 yrs old) would not have too much trouble not making a mess but what if the lego fell into the hands of children? The little beggars would make a mess of everything, probably getting it into the pits of any CD's nearby, covering the cat and generally being a pain in the arse... (Sorry, didn't mean to rant :) )
MrTheRich, Jun 29 2000

       Just remembered. You can buy fromage frais in the UK called onky blocks and when you've eaten the fromage frais you're left with a lego-type block to play with. This could easily be used as a jelly mould....
MrTheRich, Jun 29 2000

       You can make Jello that is very robust by using extra unflavored gelatin (or just use less water). You can get very very durable, though there is something of a flavor/durability tradeoff.   

       Don't neglect the alcohol delivery applications.
rmutt, Jun 29 2000

       What about Gummi Lego bricks? Less messy and more durable! They'd actually stack and maybe even "click" together if done right.
robbob, Jul 08 2000

       Freeze your Jello. Use gloves. Could work.   

       I have an old cookbook put out by Jello in the 60s called Joys of Jello. Has receipts like Seafood Mold. Amazing stuff.
Vance, Feb 08 2001

       I'm voting for rmutt's use of the word "robust" to describe jello. rofl.
absterge, Feb 15 2001

       I just like the slogan "build your castle and eat it too"
howwwwdy!, Feb 03 2003

       play with lego. then eat jello. job done. i hate affinity marketing.
sambwiches, Feb 03 2003

       There is lego hard candies you build with-availabal at your local candy store-or Mr.Bulky
CV, Apr 01 2003

       As CV said, I see toy candy blocks at the local candy store all the time... (I am a regular) However, I do love the idea of jello legos.... But why not something more durable, like chocolate? I really would like watching that castle jiggle, however... I think Jello was developed by some un-friendly nation for it's hypnotic jiggling qualities....
TheMysteriousDrJ, Apr 07 2003


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