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less detectable surveilliance

record things then stego them as radio pulses on the ac cycle hum
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on the possible chance the numerous sides of law enforcement have a use for better surveilliance I thought that a recording device that sent out pulses of data as variations on the pervasive ac current hum would be much less detectable

although I have minimal knowledge of such things it feels as if any attempt to detect radio transmission would screen out this frequency as a result of all the appliances that have circuits radiating energy at typical ac frequency

a utility frequency location transmitter would seem undetectable unless you knew it was going to give off primes at a precise but rarish nterval

beanangel, Apr 10 2008

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       The bandwidth would be very low .... and the interference massive. But a code spreading technique might just work.
8th of 7, Apr 10 2008

       Just use ethernet-over-mains - you could get full bandwidth motion video.
coprocephalous, Apr 10 2008

       The surveillance groups of the world can already reverse engineer the interference on your AC electricity to figure out what you have been seeing on your computer. Presumably it's a very small step from there to spotting your encrypted signal. so I doubt you'll be deterring anything but casual surveillance.
DrCurry, Apr 10 2008


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