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less evil typosquatting

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This site is just like any other annoying ad based typo squatting useless site.

However unlike most, it informs the visitor (while providing some ads) that they are an idiot, and that the real site is actually somewhere else (and provides the link to it).

Add a bit of a shout box into it, so people can talk, and post other links which are more relevant to the user


For more ambiguous web domains, it provides a list of of likely web links users are looking for.

----- Increasing the evil in this: You can make it so that for a small fee, it will automagically jump all typos for the site to the correct website.

mofosyne, Aug 14 2010

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       I must admit I find those sites annoying and... Good Heavens, I must be an idiot!   

       Hmmm; I have the sudden urge to run for political office. Bun for launching my new career [+]. Hey, [Akimbo], maybe you could fix up my new campaign web site! Something along the lines of, "...a vote for Grog is a vote for, uh, whatever! Who cares, you're an idiot, too!..."
Grogster, Aug 14 2010

       [Grogster] Running for office on a platform of "I'm an idiot, just like the rest of you," is very feasible, although you can't actually use the word "idiot."
mouseposture, Aug 14 2010

       [mouse], what do you suggest? How about "Intelligence Challenged"? This is a nod to the politically correct crowd, is it? Protecting delicate sensitivities? Well, then, it's settled! They're all frickin' idiots, with a healthy dose of retards mixed in. "PC" be damned.
Grogster, Aug 14 2010

       [Grogster] the people running on the "I'm an idiot" platform are not actually idiots, any more than you are. Instead of using the word "idiot," they manufacture a "just folks" image, cultivate a southern accent in the US, or a northern one in the UK, eschew eloquence, sometimes to the point of inarticulateness, characterize their opponents as members of an educational elite, and so on.   

       Plenty of people, it seems, will vote against a candidate who seems to be saying "I'm smarter than you." Others prefer a smart candidate who's not humble, to a candidate of merely average intelligence.   

       The people who vote against a "smarter than thou" candidate have a point: too much of that, and you leave democracy behind. Of course, you can exit democracy via populism, too.
mouseposture, Aug 14 2010

       Nicely done, [mouse]! Perhaps both you and [8th] could be my campaign managers... the right chord is probably somewhere there in the middle.
Grogster, Aug 14 2010

       what about the .ocm domain as the basis for an alternate squatting universe.
WcW, Aug 14 2010

       aside from WcW...   

       What the Hell?
mofosyne, Aug 15 2010

       ummm, it content-less channel (until typosquatting is a capital offense) is gonna stay with us, whether we like it or not.   

       I'm simply suggesting ways that people can do to make their 'content less site' be a little more useful. (which is to copy the idea google's auto-suggest feature that occurs when you mistype in google.)
mofosyne, Aug 15 2010

       "Personally I will go out of my way to avoid anything that is more than 20% advertising"   

       The thing is... these people don't care, they intentionally make it so that, as soon as you make a spelling mistake, you fall into their site. (and then you have to retype the entire domain name again)
mofosyne, Aug 15 2010

       [Akimbomidget] //What the Hell?// Sorry so prolix. I've added you to my list of people who dislike off-topic annos.
mouseposture, Aug 15 2010

       What [mouse] said. Although, I do think //...What the Hell?...// would make a great tagline.
Grogster, Aug 15 2010


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