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Mickey Mouse-over

You know....for kids.
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<striketh>Gone is the daze</striketh>. Gone are the days where my youngest children are spoon-fed content from the PAS7 satellite that reigns its subscriber unlocked drivel down from the heavens. No, no! My children now bow to a greater American Babysitter (as we call the TV, here). Youtube subscriber channels and unlocked Netflix are what we pit ourselves against in this modern era. But how, oh how (I lament quietly) will they know what lead painted, Bis-phenol A doped choking hazard to tantrum for in the normally quiet isles of our local toy store? No Sea Monkeys from the back of a Archie's comic for this lot. No x-Ray specs from the middle of episode 7 of the original X-Men for them. In fact, the last ad I noticed before a willfully administered heroine dose was for additional vehicle insurance. And this in an episode of Barbie Winx Club.

Let it be said, front pages are mostly 1080 pixels wide and infinitely long/tall. If the content of interest occupies the topmost portion of this scroll, then the topmost pricing must be attributed to this real estate. This already happens, but it does not stop the trolls buying up skank real estate (below the line) that your browser still must download.

Never you mind! Mickey Mouse-over takes care of this. As a firefox plugin it allows only the most relevant advertisements to take screen.It prioritises pixels being viewed, or in the general viewing field. This is not to say it does not download information about singles in your area, it just does not prioritise it. A bit like google earth resolutions. Infromation is "pixellated" until focus is put upon it.

Batteries not included. May contain nuts

4whom, Jan 14 2014




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