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Internet Advertising Puzzles

Btw why doesn't candy crush just sell ad space on the game tiles?
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This idea came to me as I was in one of those device/browser/video frame/advertisement pop up/ dialog box fiascos where the available screen real estate is totally taken up by the failure of all of the aforementioned money grubbing entities to get along with eachother, in the form of many small rectangles of screen space, some moving over and some behind others, to give the illusion that there is an organized stack of entities with gradations of rights to your visual field. Sliding this rectangle back and that one forward and using all of my accumulated gestural knowledge of how to work an iPhone, I still did not figure out how to successfully play the video of the 3rd news update about the second mass shooting today from behind all of the pop ups and video advertisements.

But the experience did remind me of one of those magic square puzzles where you are trying to put the tiles in order, or one of those 3D wooden tangles where you try to slide all of the pieces apart.

So this is an idea for puzzle advertising that doesn't force you to complete the puzzle with product displayed on it thus acquiring negative trust, but rewards you for your patience and thus more time spent in front of advertising panels and also gains positive trust for allowing you to wipe the screen clean as soon as you get frustrated with the puzzle.

JesusHChrist, Dec 03 2015




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