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light-sensing display

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Portable PCs should have a light sensor and adjust the display brightness depending on the environmental brightness.
jutta, Apr 08 1999

Ambient Light Sensor http://www.pctechgu...sary/08displays.htm
Some of them already do.. [Jim, Apr 08 1999]

One of my recent ideas! Face_20based_20pres...n_20_26_20_20more!!
Which probably means it is still not baked!! [kamathln, May 20 2009]

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       These exist in TVs (my friend a long time ago had a big old console TV with a photoresistor that adjusted the brightness).
amadeus, Aug 30 2000

       Thats right, my TV (a simple JVC) has an option that adjust brightness by reading the brightness in the room.
enveekaa, Aug 30 2000


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