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lightwave embossed chocolate

I have seen a hologram candy; lightwave sized embossing can be used at food; embossing cocoa powder to have superhydrophilic or superhydrophobic shapes could make it taste different, and one of the different versions might taste better.
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They can make superhydrophilic surfaces that really like spreading water on their surface, these look kind of like ingot shaped hollow containers. Superhydrophobic surfaces repel wetting, and they look like a bunch of eentsy spires.

I have seen sugar candy where the surface is embossed with a hologram so they are all amazing looking. This is a diffraction effect. I think that means the embossed features are sized near a wavelength of light.

Combining the size of hydrophilicity ingots with the resolution of edible diffraction gratings gives the ability to take things like cocoa powder and make them super wettable so they taste different.

Perhaps it goes differently, perhaps hydrophobic cocoa sticks to fat (cocoa butter) more, and has a meltier mouth feel andflavor.

So, between these two it is possible there is something that might taste better than untreated cocoa.

Also the ingots or spires could be rather affordable as food ingredient treatments go: just have a dust sized layer go through some rollers.

This lightwave sized embossing might make the powder that vegetarian milks (Nut milk, soy milk, others) to have different microglob size at the liquid product, enhancing flavor.

beanangel, May 22 2019


       0.3 seconds. That's how long it took me to realize this was a [beany] idea.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 22 2019

       I suppose this is down to how intertwined taste and texture is when neurally multiplexed to a sensation.
wjt, May 23 2019


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