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liquid nitrogen personal body cooler

i hate the sun
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carry around a small tank of ln2 on your belt,say 1.5 pound, connected to a shirt (vest?) that has lots of tiny tubes running through it. you'd have a valve... and that's it. no batteries. ln2 is so cold i assume it would take a very small amount of gas to cool you down a few deg. ,thus enabling hours of use. i actually had a can of ln2 for night vision equipment..the size of a lighter.. and it'd keep the darned thing -170c for 8-9 hours.

i'd be willing to pay for the gas..even keep a tank at home..

god bless antartica

p.s any links or guesses about how much ln it would take to cool me down 10deg for 4-5 hours...? or how many cubic meters can go into a 1-1.5 pound can ?

supershnitzel, Jul 30 2004

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       LN2, when pressurized, is no colder than the environment that it's stored in. Since the boiling point is below room temperature, it is very good at evaporatively cooling itself when it's not pressurized. If you use an exhaust valve to maintain a certain pressure inside the container, you could control the temperature. Crack the valve a little, get a little cooling. Crack it a lot, get lots of cooling.   

       I like it. This could be handy in fully active cooling suits for firefighters. (+)
Freefall, Jul 30 2004

       If there's a gas refinery near your house, it can be obtained very cheaply.
swimr, Jul 30 2004

       Let's just blow up the sun.
goomba, Jul 30 2004

       [goomba] No need to do that, it's already beating you to the punch.
destructionism, Jul 31 2004

       Probably hasn't been done because of safety issues. I really don't want to shatter my fingers that badly.
RayfordSteele, Jul 31 2004

       safety? for a gizmo like this i'd risk it. live in a hot,humid area some time to understand me.
supershnitzel, Aug 01 2004


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