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location based alarms

an application to run on a plam w/ gps
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If I'm on the south side I need 20min to get to campus if I'm at home only 8. This would check your location and adjust alarms for appointments accordingly.

If you are to meet a person who has a similar device it could suggest that you meet at a common closer location rather than both hike to wherever to meet.

futurebird, Feb 20 2001

gps alarm watch http://www.halfbake...gps_20alarm_20watch
Similar but not the same. [egnor, Feb 20 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Computers and memory loss http://www.sunday-t...stinwenws01005.html
An article about one of those studies. [PotatoStew, Feb 20 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

WorldBoard http://www.worldboard.org/about.html
Linking web resources to physical places --- one of many "augmented reality" projects. [wiml, Feb 20 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

KA9MVA Hacks the Earthmate http://www.hamhud.n...a9mva/earthmate.htm
Notes on e-tampering, in case anyone is interested. HBlink edited due to URL change. [LoriZ, Feb 20 2001, last modified Oct 15 2004]


       I disagree; I think this is a legitimate application that can be extended into lots of useful things (e.g., predicting to the meet-ee the actual arrival time of the meeter etc.)
jutta, Feb 20 2001

       Those studies are pretty suspect, anyway, and a little eager to apply pejorative words like "stupid" to describe changing skill sets.   

       We adapt to the tools available to us. Because we have computers and PDAs, we aren't as careful with personal memory. Because we have calculators, we lose the knowledge of long division. Because we have matches, the art of rubbing two sticks is all but lost. Because we have agriculture, there are hardly any decent mammoth hunters left...
egnor, Feb 20 2001

       Enter "AppointMate Emerald", a system that integrates "little black book" software such as "Kooltoy $M" with GPS reception\mapping\routing utilities such as Dlareme's much e-tampered "DripMate Emerald". A future appointment has a place and a time. A GPS receiver also knows of place and time, having its own internal concept of here-and-now. If there are n future appointments in a user's Kooltoy file, and i is a number from 1 to n, call that appointment's position vector s_i. The vector difference between appointment i's position vector and the GPS receiver's best calculation of its own position is "delta s_i". "Delta t_i" is the difference between the appointment time and the GPS receiver's best estimate of the current time. "Delta s_i" divided by "delta t_i" is called v_i. The vector sum of v_1 to v_n is called v_A and the current velocity of the GPS receiver is called v_G. Define u as the v_A-ward component of v_G. Large negative values of u would cause some kind of alarum to go off. This alarum might serve one of the following purposes:   

       * identifying oneself as someone in danger of not being at the right place at the right time.   

       * identifying the onset of signal degradations in the GPS downlink.   

       * identifying cases where recently added appointments cause unrealistic travel or scheduling expectations.
LoriZ, Aug 20 2001

       Very similar to an inspiration i just had:   

       * watch time adjustment based on GPS location   

       When i'm at home, i like my watch to be 15 minutes fast, so that i can leave the house and arrive at school in time for a class. However, while on campus, my watch should never be more than 5 minutes fast. Currently i compromise and set the watch 10 minutes fast. However, with a location-dependant time displayed on my watch, i could alway leave "5 minutes before" and event, and ensure that i would arrive promptly.
flicken, Jun 25 2003

       Sort of a personal analemma, it seems.
LoriZ, Jun 28 2003


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