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Pothole Fingerprints

GPS based on road texture
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This system uses a special transducer to pick up vibrations as you drive along a road. Potholes, speedbumps and different road textures will have varying effects on the suspension system, all of which is recorded into a continuous sound file.

The audio is time-stretched to compensate for measured road speed, then fed into a modified 'Shazam'-like service to identify the melody of the pothole fingerprint.

Some roads may take many minutes, others only a few seconds. Feeding in other basic data (compass, inclination) may improve the results.

mitxela, Jan 06 2017

That may be an upgrade for the latest release of ... Radar_20Controlled_...20Response_20System
[normzone, Jan 06 2017]

High-Precision Localization Using Ground Texture https://microgps.cs.princeton.edu/
This paper was first published nine months after Pothole Fingerpints. Coincidence? I think not. [mitxela, Sep 07 2021]


       How wide is the transducer ?   

       The width of a tire, two tires, the car, the lane , or several lanes ?   

       Does optical, sound, tire movement power the transducer ?   

       Could someone in New York simulate driving in Paris ?
popbottle, Jan 06 2017

       The pothole incrementally changes shape with each tyre that passes through it
pocmloc, Jan 07 2017

       // How wide //   

       I was actually envisioning a piezo pickup attached to one of the wheel bearings, or maybe a linear position sensor on a shock absorber. But a dedicated scanner would make setup and calibration easier.   

       // simulate driving in Paris //   

       That is an interesting one. Indeed the collected database of road surface bumps could be played back for casual listening, to provide comfort for travellers who miss their home potholes.   

       // The pothole incrementally changes shape //   

       That shouldn't matter too much, it's more the spacing/rhythm that's important.
mitxela, Jan 07 2017

       I think temperature would affect road tones.
bungston, Jan 07 2017

       "I love Paris potholes in the springtime..."
popbottle, Jan 07 2017

       The problem with this idea is that a single cyclist could completely throw the system.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 07 2017

       // The pothole incrementally changes shape with each tyre that passes through it //   

       The system adjusts its fingerprint slightly with every recording received (after matching).
notexactly, Jan 09 2017


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