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logic gates

weird logic gates
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of course evryone knows about logic gates and, nor, nand + such like. if u dont, they are small curcuits usualy in chips, in short a number of inputs are fed into them (usualy 2) and e.g. with the and gate, if both inputs (1 AND 2) are at logic one then it will output at logic one. and with a not gate (inverter) if the input is at logic 0 the output will be at 1 (if the input is NOT at 1) the out put will be at logic 1. and so on....... heres the cool bit..... introduce some real logic in there....... how about a SO gate, both inputs at 1 = gate goes SO and nothing is output, both inputs at 0 = gate goes SO and nothing is output, any variation in input = gate goes SO and nothing is output. then we could have a WHAT gate how ever many times the inputs are changed or repeated the WHAT gate does does not seem to notice. and a WHY gate that constantly questions the inputs. even better a GUTTED gate it somhow knows if your circuit is not working properly and outputs a logic 1 which lites a small L E D under the word GUTTED
ugly_kid, Mar 29 2001

Fuzzy Logic functions http://www.brunchin...ure-fuzzylogic.html
A humor piece. Apparently, in attidiion to "true" and "false", fuzzy logic uses the values "sure", "whatever", "let's not talk about this right now", etc. [baf, Mar 29 2001]

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       I think my computer already uses those. badum-CHING!   

       This should be called "Illogic Gates." (Good to see that I and l aren't identical in this font.)
centauri, Mar 29 2001

       The PEARL gate: only gives output if one input is "good."
centauri, Mar 29 2001

       I thought this would have something to do with getting on someones property (IF the visitor is unknown AND it's after 7 p.m. THEN don't allow entry).   

       However, in the spirit of the other entries:   

       McFadden, Gates: with appropriate episode input, outputs an IWP (Involved with Picard) signal   

       Golden Gate: provides a shortcut for bits trying to cross a data stream. Perodically causes network congestion.   

       Enemyatthe Gate: monitors data transmissions for malicious content   

       Water Gate: monitors data transmissions for *any* content
phoenix, Jul 31 2001

       There are 16 'functions' of two inputs, including trivial ones. There are 256 'functions' of three inputs, again including trivial ones.   

       Interesting challenge: design a device with the minimum number of inputs that can mimic any of the 16 possible two-input functions, with each of its inputs tied to one of the two input signals, VDD, or Vss.
supercat, Aug 12 2001

       Bill Gate: monitors data transmissions for any marketable content, then sells the transmissions to the receiver
roleohibachi, Jan 19 2006

       //how about a SO gate, both inputs at 1 = gate goes SO and nothing is output, both inputs at 0 = gate goes SO and nothing is output, any variation in input = gate goes SO and nothing is output.//   

       Does the SO gate ever open?   

       Unless you mean a gate that has a truth table such that...   

       0+0=0 0+1=1 1+0=1 1+1=0   

       ...and this is an XOR gate.
Cuit_au_Four, Jan 19 2006

       The SO gate, the WHAT gate and the WHY gate are already baked.   

       They are all simply switches that are off.
dbmag9, Jan 21 2006


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