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lonely man meals

a date on the bottom of every plate.
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frozen foods for the lonely man. when you eat the food out of the tray there's a pornographic picture printed on the bottom. kinda like how they get kids to eat all their veggies.
trav2, Jul 25 2001


       Note to self: Don't get the black bean refritos again, it makes the babe look like she's been mud-wrestling. Maybe, if the guy is actually *lonely* as opposed to simply horny, the plate could hold a conversation with him as he eats.   

       Plate: "Say, ya know these peas were grown in Mexico."   

       Lonely Person (LP): "That so?"   

       Plate: "Yeah, pretty sweet. A hundred years ago a lonely person like you would have had to make do with canned peas."   

       LP: "All too true. Really makes me appreciate technology."   

       Plate: "Also you wouldn't have been talking to your dinner plate unless you were insane."   

       LP: "Yeah, well, I'm getting there."
Dog Ed, Jul 25 2001

       [Dog Ed]: lol   

       [trav2]: Nasty, sordid little idea that caters for someone at rock bottom (possibly below). Normally those criteria would appeal to me but not in this case. Fishbone.
st3f, Jul 25 2001

       Should come with a tiny shot of Vodka for Happy Hour while dinner cooks.
thumbwax, Jul 26 2001

       I think in one of those Revenge of the Nerds movies they have a pie stand at some fair and it's really popular and mobbed with customers. And the jocks were wondering why so many people were buying the nerds pies and not thiers. Turns out the nerds put pics of hot chicks in the bottom of the pie pan. Sex sells.
bluestars1985, Jul 26 2001

       It was a picture of one beautiful woman -- Betty the sorority beauty, who was dating the handsome guy who later became Gordon on Sports Night
Sparki, Aug 14 2001

       Perhaps it could be an apple pie, a la American Pie?   

       Would each variety have the same pictur e or would it be randomised to introduce an element of suspense and excitement (my recommendation)?
therattle, Nov 16 2006

       This idea has a grim genius.
calum, Nov 16 2006

       I would prefer if I not see grim geniuses at the bottom of my food, thankyouverymuch.   

       It is a little revenge-of-the-nerdsy, but at least it's food instead of pie. [+]   

       (By the way, I saw the title and instantly thought "Ramen?")
shapu, Nov 16 2006

       ^ What [shapu] said about Ramen.
DesertFox, Nov 16 2006

       you could sell it to the correctional facilities for inmates. comes in two choices: male or female.
abhorsen1983, Nov 16 2006


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