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love potion

Wake up with a "bang"
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Imagine an alarm clock with a special potion within it. You simply set the alarm night before for an hour before you plan to wake up. After that drink the potion and go to sleep. The next morning you wake up feeling horny EVERYTIME as well as your partner. This way everyone would go to work with a big smile on their face and the world would be a better place. Don't you reckon?
rj, Aug 13 2000


       This is OK if sex only takes you an hour.......
BigThor, Sep 05 2000

       Not only that, but what happens when you've got kids? They don't always decide to sleep in during early morning hours, and once they learn to turn the doorknob....   

       No thanks. I'm too weak to resist such urges.
dagrrl, Nov 18 2000

       This is what 'locks' are for.
StarChaser, Nov 19 2000

       I already wake up feeling horny EVERYTIME, unfortunately. Heh
VeXaR, Feb 20 2001


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