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mISSion: TV

Orbital Big Brother
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"This week: Commander Sergei Volkov studies the crystallisation of dust plasma, Flight Engineer Oleg Kononenko works on a 3D-Space experiment and Flight Engineer Greg Chamitoff gets super-friendly with hot Misson Supervisor Anne Curtis!"

I don't watch much reality tv, but I would if it was broadcast from the ISS. Besides, the world has spent so much on the damn thing that I think we should at least find out what they're doing up there.

wagster, Jul 30 2008

ISS wiki http://en.wikipedia..._Space_Station#NASA
[normzone, Jul 30 2008]

ZZZZzzzzzzzz....watching the ISS http://playlist.yah...9080&segment=149773
[Klaatu, Jul 30 2008]

Nasa Channel http://www.nasa.gov...M_NTV_Schedule.html
Here's their programming line up. [Zimmy, Jul 30 2008]

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       "In response to some of these criticisms, advocates of manned space exploration say that criticism of the ISS project is short-sighted"   

       I'll link to wikipedia, they say approximately 30 billion USD. I don't mind the money, but I wish the Halfbakery could have had some say in the design.
normzone, Jul 30 2008

       Actually, you can watch it anytime as long as you have Windows Media Player. But be warned, it is boring as watching grass grow. <link>
Klaatu, Jul 30 2008

       Them astronauts gotta get nekkid sometime. Plus I admit to curiousity about the space toilet.
bungston, Jul 30 2008

       They DO have a NASA channel & it seems more than half of the time the description of the programing is:   

       ISS Mission Coverage.   

       I wish they would put up pics from Mars or any other planet they happen to have a probe going past at the time.
Zimmy, Jul 30 2008

       [bungston], I finally decided to pay the $35 (or whatever it was) per person to go to see NASA since it's about an hour or 2 away. The space toilet they showed us in a presentation on a mock up looked (and I think kind of functioned) quite a bit like a vacuum cleaner with special attachments.
Zimmy, Jul 31 2008


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