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A relaxing spinoff of the popular series
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Popular cooking shows are vastly entertaining but somehow incomplete. By focusing solely on consumption they neglect a portion of time that is nearly as comparable and remarkable.

This cooking show, therefore, focus specifically on the forming and producing of the final result of the cooked dish.

Competitors fill a hall and prepare meals that may induce a variety of textured results, including ingredients such as corn, peanuts, beets, curry or tacos. The judges consume the dishes and then a day later are led to specially constructed one off lavatories where the entire experience is judged. Handcloths, lighting, ointments, music, water features, even personal assistants (mechanical or human) can be employed to create the perfect experience.

The result (depending if broadcast in Germany or not) is displayed as produced on a porcelain shelf, or simply reflected by the satisfaction in the faces of the judges.

The competition goes over several months, as the contestants travel through different featured cities and countries, and of course, boats.

This is a great family show to watch, because while not everyone can eat Michelin star meals, everyone can give a shite.

mylodon, Aug 24 2019

I can barely contain my excrement! https://imgur.com/gallery/oIar2xg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 24 2019]


       Words fail me.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 24 2019

       What [MB] said ...
8th of 7, Aug 24 2019

       Works for me +
DenholmRicshaw, Aug 24 2019

       //perfect experience// - the acoustics will be difficult, unless you completely tile your 7.1 surround home theater.
lurch, Aug 24 2019

       Ooh ooh! I've got your trophy. [link]   

       Imagine the look on the winner's feces!
mylodon, Aug 24 2019

       Oh the fans...   

       And the occasional guest ostomate...
lurch, Aug 25 2019

       I always wondered, after seeing a South Park episode, if the human gut could be engineered,with the right fauna and minerals with normal dietary requirements, to produce an exceptional fertilizer. A gateau for a forest , if you will. Probably the diet is going to have to be a lot wider and probably less rich, though.
wjt, Aug 25 2019


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