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Make Money!

Who would be commercially viable sans Syndicated backing?
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The rules are simple .. Individual Contestants must 'make money', credits from the audience (Industry) with only the use of simple items they are supplied by choice or luck of the draw.

Items like, a pencil and a piece of paper, a cap with a feather, a ball and stick, a paddle and a pail.. What can be conjured in attempts to procure favor and simulated funds from a selection of fabricated avenues of industry, in say, three minutes?

No, smartAxx! that's not the game of life .. remember, life's rule is .. " it's not what you know, but who you know " .. which is why so many duds make it, while the truly talented get overlooked. (Whatever idiot came up with " survival of the fittest " must never have pondered the "spoonie" effect.)

It's an exercise in innovation and a game show in the spirit of watching a man walk with his feet on the ground as opposed to riding the coat-tails of a social advantage thru use of the good-ol-boy, buddy system.

Macdaddyx1, May 03 2008


       So, setting aside the social angst, the idea is for contestants to make money from the audience? Is it real money, or does the audience vote to give them hypothetical money?
MaxwellBuchanan, May 03 2008

       I recently read a book which said "How would you make money if you found yourself in a strange city where you knew nobody and had only $100?" As I read it I thought that it sounded like a reality show in the making.
marklar, May 04 2008

       // How would you make money if you found yourself in a strange city where you knew nobody and had only $100?" //   

       1. Buy a gun   

       2. Buy a sign saying "Chartered Accountant" or "Lawyer"   

       3. Buy a councillor and get them to give you a job in local government. Then spend the other $99 on drink, tobacco, drugs, gambling, girls and loose living (at least you didn't waste it).
8th of 7, May 04 2008

wagster, May 04 2008

       Borg local politics, [wagster]; you had to be there.
pertinax, May 04 2008

       I once read that "a man's greatness lies not in what he has, but in what he can give." (author; tea bag, maybe fortune cookie; can't remember anyway...) <chuckles>   

       Max, I began a response to your question yesterday, but somehow my browser userped my authority and shut down mid-comment; go figure.   

       Nice ensuing dialogue, though. Should I destroy the wormhole and the rest of the Gamma quadrant now?
Macdaddyx1, May 05 2008

       Sounds like it is skewed towards artists. Even the best engineer couldn't make much in 3 minutes, but a good artist could make something. And as for your rant, it still rides coat-tails because the trained artist will do better than the untrained, with rare exceptions.
MisterQED, May 06 2008

       ? ? ?   

       MrQED: a talented mind is a talented mind. Demonstrate how to create a perfect circle or feed a whole village doubling grain on a chessboard. Sell the concept of style or do an expressive dance. Develop a new sport or introduce a new weapon. Teach the process of churning butter or create atmosphere with a few tribal rhythms.
Macdaddyx1, May 08 2008


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