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magnetic lottery manipulation

magnetize paint and steal money with it
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Balls used in the random selection of lottery tickets are carefully checked for weight, size, weight distribution, and uniformity. But no one subjects them to a magnetic field.

It should be possible to apply paint with a slightly higher metal content, and then use an external magnetic field to change the odds. Also possible is a heat response to radiation in a certain wavelength that could make the ball somewhat warmer and therefore slightly stickier.

Voice, Jan 27 2014


       This is called cheating. tsk, tsk
xandram, Jan 27 2014

       Also, I expect they look extremely closely if anyone who has access to the draw (or their family and friends) wins.
MechE, Jan 27 2014

       hmmm, or some of the balls could be porous and humidity would cause them to gain weight after they had been inspected...   

       You don't need to have a family member or friend win, you just need to find a random willing participant to split the prize. Just send out some email to random addersses until you find someone who wants to get rich. I hear thre are lots of them.   

       Heck, I bet you could get someone to participate even if you can't get the magnetic paint to work.
scad mientist, Jan 27 2014


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