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make a ufo

hot air ufo
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Here's a "ufo" we used to make when I was a kid. Looked cool, but don't do this during fire season! You need a plastic bag from the cleaners, some straws, string and birthday candles. Connect the straws together and cross them, tying them together with string. Make some holes in the straws and put the candles in the holes. Attach the straw assembly to the plastic bag. With one person holding the bag, light the candles and let the bag fill with hot air. Let go! The candles light up the bag and it looks cool at night!
tabman, Aug 08 2001


       Gee... I'd like to annotate about homemade ufo's here, but all the annotations just disappeared...
gorn_the_great, Aug 10 2001

       We'd do the same, although we'd use thin strips of balsa wood - made into a cross - and glue candles along the tops of the strips. Once, we used a sterno can and the dog-gone thing shot up out of sight... next morning I woke up and noticed the whole city had burnt to the ground... hmmm...
gorn_the_great, Aug 10 2001

       [admin: [tabman], I see in the logfile that you renamed your previous idea ("Pot Patch") to "make a ufo" and removed all its annotations. Since the two ideas have nothing to do with each other, and since the renamed idea now still has the votes on its predecessor, you might have been better off to post a new one by clicking on "new". Check out the help file and the commands in the upper left corner.]
jutta, Aug 10 2001

       DOOFO: Debunked object of flying origin.
The Military, Aug 10 2001

       Maybe you could make three and get confused about which one you'd launched.
((((stretching a point))))
st3f, Aug 10 2001

       jutta: Ah, but maybe tabman has just hit on an excellent way to reduce clutter on the site and preserve disk space - everyone is only allowed to post one idea. When you come up with another idea, you edit your original, and delete all the annotations.
PotatoStew, Aug 10 2001

       Yes, and all the while starting with a sizable number of 'for' votes - I can just see it now... "I voted for this? I've been on vacation" - Speaking of which, I'm starting a vacation tomorrow - 1st one in 5 years - I've been a busy boy. Maybe by the time I get back, tabman will have thought of a way to put a lawn mower in an envelope, it will come in handy.
thumbwax, Aug 10 2001

       I like the idea that I could post a popular idea (this is a fantasy) and then, once it was on the top-ten list, change it to an argument for drowning kittens or punching nuns.
Monkfish, Aug 11 2001

       Indeed... the top ten could be surreptitiously remodelled into the likeness of your choosing. Were any of us to have some ideas in the top ten, that is. I know I don't. *sigh*
PotatoStew, Aug 11 2001


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