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monowheel ground effect flight

a single wheel ground vehicle with ground effect wings
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people have wanted flying cars forever.

recently , in the past few years a spate of flying cars have come out.

the consumer cars that have come out are all high end luxury toys none of which have vertical take of and landing abilities.

the military flying cars coming out , many of them simply vtol vehicles with wings are cool but just not available.

Furthermore, many years ago, the popularity of both the hover craft, and the ekrano plane----ground effect vehicles (one using air-cushion pumping, the other simple using ground effect wings) ------------was a novel solution to fast water travel, but ekrano planes cannot travel over land , and hover craft travel is to fuel intensive, extremely loud, and most importantly the steering is total shit. hover crafts are primarily coastal vehicles. they don't do water well or land well.

my proposed SOLUTION...to this is a solowheel vehicle that resemebles a self-launching glider with fold up wings.

a self launching glider is a glider with a motor for climbing and for limited loitering. most, it just glides down. gliders also have a single wheel for landing. this glider solves the problem of the 'flying car' by using a single wheel that allows for gyroscopic control of tilt , yaw , and roll.

the wings of this glider, are ground effect wings (thicker stubbier wings) that are meant for flight at lower speed.

the monowheel can accelerate to the flying speed , at which point the wings provide lift off, and then the single engine plane kicks in. that provides enough thrust to travel slowly (60 to 90 mph) using the ground effect over non paved land, or water.

teslaberry, Apr 29 2014

skimmer plane http://www.gizmag.com/go/6864/
like this but iwth a monowheel on the bottom for driving. and the wheel is a mono wheel with the top of the wheel incorporating the fuselage [teslaberry, Apr 29 2014]



       Aha! Either this represents a green shoot of embryonic capitalisation skills, or [Slab]'s non- capitalization is merely an affectation which she occasionally forgets to affect.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 29 2014

       I'd just like a car that didn't hit mine. Sitting here with a written off car and poss cracked ribs.
po, Apr 29 2014

       Ouch. Sympathies, but at least your alive and capitalising.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 29 2014

       Mistyping ouch!
po, Apr 29 2014

       I need help visualizing. Can you post a picture? Is this a giant wheel and the rider sits on the inside, like those stormtrooper vehicles in the star wars Jar Jar movie? Or is this like a unicycle?   

       If you put one wheel on the bottom of that skimmer plane, wouldn't something drag on the ground? Like the tail and the nose and one wing?
bungston, Apr 29 2014

       //this glider solves the problem of the 'flying car' by using a single wheel that allows for gyroscopic control of tilt , yaw , and roll//   

       This has me intrigued/confused.
xaviergisz, Apr 29 2014

       //Sitting here with a written off car and poss cracked ribs//   

       In imagination, a posse of half-bakers descends on the crash site and starts a long argument about the best way of directing traffic around it. Some of their fluorescent markings are strange. But they meant well.   

       Get well soon, [po].
pertinax, May 02 2014

       have a better day [po]
Voice, May 02 2014

       //single wheel that allows for gyroscopic control of tilt , yaw , and roll   

       How can a single wheel, on a single axis, do this?   

       Also, the desire for flying cars (or horses) is to go high, getting better views, going over obstacles, and making traffic 3D (far less traffic by adding a 3rd dimension).   

       If the product requires ground-effect, then it's not really achieving any of the real "flying" effects above.
sophocles, May 02 2014


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