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mental illness dating svc

Get matched up with someone who has the same problems you do!
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Like any other dating service, but here you get to specify what emotional problems the person you're seeking has and what emotional problems you have.

Why? Well, some people might get along better with others who have the same problem. They'll at least understand each other's issues better. I for one would LOVE to meet a woman who has ADD like myself.

Notice that it doesn't necesserily match up people with the same emotional problem. You could be bipolar in search of co-dependent or something.

Oh, and the could hire The Vandals to do an endorsement, singing their song "Fucked-Up Girl" on a late-night TV spot.

f1r3br4nd, Aug 09 2004

Phobo-File http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Phobo-File
[phoenix, Oct 04 2004]

its all in the spelling of hanger http://www.collectm...ctibles/hanger1.jpg
[po, Oct 04 2004]

...although some of these don't seem to be aware of that. http://images.googl...e=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wi
[angel, Oct 04 2004]

http://www.nolongerlonely.com/ "We are a welcoming community that understands the trials and pitfalls of managing a mental illness. Find friends or seek romantic relationships knowing that everyone on this site has some form of mental illness." [jutta, Sep 13 2008]


       "Hi, is that MIDS?...yeah, what's with you guys...every time I call all your nymphos are booked solid..."
ConsulFlaminicus, Aug 09 2004

       <true>There is a psychological condition known as 'borderline personality disorder'. It sounds fairly harmless, on the border between normality and an actual personality disorder, but is actually on the border between a mere personality disorder and total psychosis.</true>
angel, Aug 09 2004

       This is completely baked, as many regular personals sites let you search for ads containing a particular string. Type "OCS", "Nympho...", etc.
phundug, Aug 09 2004

       OK, I absolutely hate it when people preach political correctness. That being said, I feel I need to speak to the use of mental illness as a vehicle for humor. No one would come in here (at least I hope not) and jokingly suggest a dating service for people with pancreatic cancer, since they share similar issues surrounding a painful and premature death. "Mental Illness" is a very archaic term for certain neurological disorders. Just like cancer, these types of diorders are responsible for the suffering and deaths of millions of people each year. Therefore, let's agree that from now on "mental illness" will not be fodder for droll contrivances. And "Thank You" in advance for respecting my comments.
veryvermilion, Aug 09 2004

       Skinny, semi-bald WF w/medically related depression and suicidal tendencies seeks enabling spirit who has been there and knows when to push and when to pull.   

       I dunno . . . .
bristolz, Aug 09 2004

       Isn't this how eHarmony works anyway?
zigness, Aug 09 2004

       Will this lead to disappointment, e.g. "You're not nearly as codependent as I hoped you were"?   

       Anyway, aside from the fact that web personals sites are increasingly searchable for text strings, I feel this idea has potential. Existing websites could be easily fitted with checkboxes of various disorders (ranging from physical handicaps to mental sicknesses) and you select which ones apply to you, and which are okay for you in a partner.   

       It would also prevent hurt and dismay resulting from people purposely hiding their condition from you until it's too late, not knowing that you refuse to date someone with that particular condition. [Sad truth: As of now, posters seldom write "do not want to date someone with ____ physical or mental handicap", even if it be true]
phundug, Aug 09 2004

       I guess a commentor a couple of comments above has not really lived day-in-day-out with someone who is bipolar or schizephrenic. There are times someone who has that disorder does not let you get much sleep - and they get even less!
elegyjay, Aug 09 2004

       //Skinny, semi-bald WF w/medically related depression and suicidal tendencies seeks enabling spirit who has been there and knows when to push and when to pull.//   

       Vain, hairy, WF w/depression escalated by society, and inhumane acts of stupidity, also known to implode herself, a lot, seeks position as an enabler, who can push, pull, and even hold tight to another, if need be.   

       I dunno, I fucking dunno.
blissmiss, Aug 09 2004

       Rather plain-speaking American guy seeks breathing woman, age: somewhere above legal and below menopausal.
RayfordSteele, Aug 09 2004

       I am missing something here, in the levity of making light of other's misery.
blissmiss, Aug 09 2004

       A more responsible goal would be to decrease the number of sexual partners engaged by the mentally ill.
dpsyplc, Aug 10 2004

       My humble thoughts:

1. Never take an idea or an anno personally.

2. [scout] has pointy boobs.

3. [contracts], will you marry me?
lintkeeper2, Aug 10 2004

       there is an inner [contracts] inside me desparate to get out unfortunately he doesn't know how.
po, Aug 10 2004

       [contracts] I don't really want to marry you, I just need a cleaning lady.
lintkeeper2, Aug 10 2004

       //another manifestation of my OCD is that I edit my annotes about 250 times.// (resists idea for 'bakery automatic OCD test)
Worldgineer, Aug 10 2004

       Oh, now I'm just completely driven to find a typo somewhere in one of contract's anno's.   

       [later edit] Ah hah! Found one. 'separate' is misspelled in your July 30th annotation under 'hydrodynamically ballistic urinal.'
RayfordSteele, Aug 10 2004

       I hang my shirts facing the same way, too...and they're hung (along with my trousers, skirts, and jackets) in order of color--lightest to darkest. But that might be the designer side of me not letting go when it comes to the mundane. But I don't think that's OCD...is it? ***paranoid now***
Machiavelli, Aug 10 2004

       Seems a bit obsessive there, [RS].
half, Aug 10 2004

       Either he's obsessive or he has too much free time. He needs a woman. *wink*
Machiavelli, Aug 10 2004

       I'll take door #3.
RayfordSteele, Aug 10 2004

       Show him who's behind door #3, Johnny! ***cheesy music*** Louise is a 31 year old cab driver from San Francisco. She enjoys making macaroni art in her free time and lives with her 9 ferrets.
Machiavelli, Aug 10 2004

       You know, I can't help but bun this. Perhaps a name change before you go public might be in order, though....
shapu, Aug 10 2004

       Is this a US/UK thing? To me, a hangar is where I keep my blimp, not my pressed shirts.
jutta, Aug 10 2004

       I've been working on getting over my compulsion to correct people's spelling. It helps to see that there'll always be another to take my place.
half, Aug 10 2004

       Ok, you can all correct my spelling, just don't be too rough. Remember I'm mexicana, ok?
Pericles, Aug 11 2004

       [jutta] has a blimp!?
dentworth, Aug 11 2004

       (seething with jealousy)
Worldgineer, Aug 11 2004

       Name another
Worldgineer, Aug 11 2004

       As one that grew up with a mother that has clinical depression and both parents co-dependent and suicidal, I think that this is a great idea. While many dating services do allow you to do a text search, they do not match compatibility based on mental illness. veryvermilion compairs this to cancer. I think that it could also be good to have a service to match the chronicly ill to a partner. My wife has three chronic illnesses. Partly due to my above mentioned past, her and I have a great releationship and I am able to understand some of her frustration and pain.. It would be wrong for veryvermilion to assume that just because someone is Ill be it mental or physical, that no one would want them.
dlapham, Aug 11 2004

       I think [contracts] was just being contrary. He gets that way when his pant creases go askew.   

       I don't hate this idea, although I'd want to see it closely monitored so that the matches balance each other out; and those with disorders are treated compassionately/
dentworth, Aug 11 2004

       You're all crazy. Entertaining, but crazy--this idea's great for you.
[+], except I don't see anyone responding to the bipolar crowd.
yabba do yabba dabba, Aug 12 2004


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