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Movie Matchmaking V2

"sit me next to a cute, single guy"
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Inspired by the idea linked below, this idea also relies on the cinema staff to line you up with potential friends/dates.

As you queue to buy your tickets, you complete a questionnaire of some simple questions to provide the ticket staff/matchmakers with an overview of the type of person you'd be interested in meeting. You then buy your ticket, and you're issued with a small electronic pass. As the final tickets sell, the matchmaker chooses the most appropriate pairings based on the audience, and each person's answers, and then your electronic pass flashes with the seat you're allocated.

Voila! A blind date with a difference.

and you avoid the problem of having to decide on a first date movie: you've already independently selected the same flick.

seedy em, Apr 01 2004

The inspiration... http://www.halfbake...Movie_20Matchmaking
A different matchmaking service [seedy em, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       And if you slip em and extra 20 bucks, they'll seat you in the back row.
simonj, Apr 01 2004


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