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Phi Axe

Double necked guitar for the Ambidextrous Player
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A Guitar mounted on a spinning mechanism with a neck on the top and bottom to allow an overly talented player to spin the guitar from left handed playing position to right handed playing position.
This would only be for on stage showmanship - Play riff, flip, play response riff, flip .....
Zimmy, Aug 26 2005

http://www.compsoc....7850147943fac9d7a6b [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 26 2005]

No need! http://www.80srockp...rMrkd/steve_vai.jpg
A bit of a monster! [gnomethang, Aug 26 2005]


       If it only had one neck, you'd need a different excess of talent; 'normal' right-handed playing and left-handed playing on a right-handed neck (Link Wray being the obvious exponent).
angel, Aug 26 2005

       Hendrix did the latter; not sure about the former.   

       Presumably the Phi Axe has two independent sets of strings? There would be challenges if it just had one super long set.   

       Bun for on stage showmanship.
Texticle, Aug 26 2005

       Hendrix played left-handed on a right-handed guitar strung and tuned left-handed, which largely explains his distinctive tone. He (mainly) played a Fender Stratocaster which has the bridge pickup angled such that the treble end is closer to the bridge, increasing high-string treble and decreasing low-string treble; stringing a right-handed Stat left-handed (or vice versa) causes the pickup to read more treble from the low strings and less from the high strings. Just strumming Hendrix's Strat would sound different from strumming Paul McCartney's Strat.

Link Wray played left-handed on a right-handed guitar (also usually a Strat) strung right-handed. This has no effect on the tone but either the playing style must be hugely different to achieve similar voicings (substitute up-strokes for down-strokes) or hugely different voicings result from standard playing. It also alters the range of fingerings that are possible.
angel, Aug 26 2005

       I don't know about the spinning mechanism, but a quick google for ambidextrous guitar gets you this [link].   

       I forgot to google again, sorry.   

       I knew about the parallel dual neck (Jimmi Page has one), but not about the one shown in the link.
Zimmy, Aug 26 2005

       didnt zz top do this.
benfrost, Aug 27 2005

       Put a steel guitar on wheels and ....   

reensure, Aug 27 2005


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