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milchcow cancercure

Semethylcyteine is strong linked to the reduction of cancer notably breast cancer Just breed milch cows that concentrate this as well as other nutrients from eating
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Semethylcyteine is strong linked to the reduction of cancer notably breast cancer Just breed milch cows that concentrate this as well as other nutrients from eating. Its actually just measuring the ability of different breeds of cows to concentrate nutrients, then breeding them.

I have not heard about breeds of animals specifically bred to concentrate nutrients yet I feel it is possible. That way even if a person goes with organic open pasturing, or if the milk creatures are at the developing world, the concentration of nutrients will be particularly high.

One nutrient SeMethylcysteine is linked to much reduced cancer, thus all those yogurts with pink ribbons could start making their product from those cows that have cancer reducing milk. Perhaps the FDA would permit them to say "milk from this breed of cow reduces cancer at mice 50 pct, effects on humans are not yet measured"

Now even if people dont like that or wonder if the cows are grazing on large amounts of cruciferous vegetables I think the opportunity is there to breed cows that pass on a higher proportion of nutrients at their milk, particularly Se. Se does have a "too much amount" though so the dairy products makers might carefully blend the right amount.

The new cow breed could use a trendy name like hmmmm

beanangel, Mar 02 2012

Se methylcyteine prevents half of rat mammary tumors http://www.ncbi.nlm....gov/pubmed/1638682
[beanangel, Mar 02 2012]


       How does one go about breeding obsolete resupply submarines?
Alterother, Mar 02 2012

       Oh for fuxake. First, if selenium methycysteine has any impact on human cancers, what's the effective dose and is an excess harmful? Second [marked for deletion] - GM Magic Cows. Third, it's probably infinitely cheaper to supplement milk with Se-MeCys if it's beneficial. Fourth, it is physically impossible for one human to consume the "optimal" amounts of every substance which has been suggested to beneficial.   

       Why not just post an idea entitled "Many substances have been shown to do good things in animals so make them all available through edible newsprint or GM cows/fish/rice and add a genetic test too."? This would save at least two HB regulars a lot of time.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 02 2012

       actually this is described as a regular breed then measure preferred chemical output idea.   

       I actually think its very possible to breed for minerals as well as vitamins. Just imagine a postapocalyptic, or merely developing, world where, if only they'd gotten a nutrisense goat, they could have prospered!   

       "well, I got her goat, but it wasn't a nutrisense goat"   

       Also if a person is approached to swap a nutrisense cow for a quantity of magic beans they could like, require more beans.   

       Also it was either milchcow cancercure or Measure the mRNA that are active right at the end of the flu that may be linked to the better than well feeling people have when they recover, then make drugs that do the same thing making people better than well   


       a new kind of crypreservative that results when a protein is frozen then thawed. Some proteins are dividable with freezing so the divided proteins, possibly peptides, could be be drugs that made healing more rapid. Goop like alginate chitosan doubles the rate of healing thus possibly peptides that upregulate the production of hyalonuric acid or membrane lipids would improve the repair process   

       those all seemed like they might be described as research science as compared with, breed cows, measure milk components, concentrate nutrients
beanangel, Mar 02 2012

       I couldn't have said it better myself, [beanangel]. Well put, sir.
Alterother, Mar 02 2012

       I think a kind of cheese that made mice twice as resistant to cancer would be a popular media item as well, perhaps getting humans to try the beneficial product
beanangel, Mar 02 2012

       If it existed...
Alterother, Mar 02 2012

       Fair enough. Given that you're not using GM, just post a generic [list of 2000 compounds shown to be beneficial in one or more papers for one or more organisms] * [list of 20 popular crops and livestock which could be selected to produce lots of any given substance] * [list of five benefits of owning an organism that does the foregoing]. You've then got 200,000 ideas for the price of one posting.   

       If you Google "helps to prevent cancer" (in quotes), you'll be well on your way to filling the first part of the matrix. Twenty popular crops and animals are easy enough to come up with; and you already have most of the suggested five benefits of owning such organisms. Ipso cava rosado!
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 02 2012

       Then you use the matrice as like a background to the "emotive birds" app that has millions of devotees, they read the well being "mad libs" then some of them actually make the things.   

       sounds like a fine idea
beanangel, Mar 02 2012

       Are you sure you're not just say think chemistry words type them as you think biology words you think it will work it works in your head big big science words so then it works... ?
Alterother, Mar 02 2012

       One problem would be that it would encourage people to consume dairy.
nineteenthly, Mar 03 2012

       I keep reading "mil-cow": army spec'd bovine.
FlyingToaster, Mar 03 2012


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