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quantum linked photons all energize at one depth to kill tumors

oncology radiation beams have depth as well as width using quantum linked high energy photons we have the guiding beam meet a highly absorbent metal form outside the body which causes all the high energy photons at the tissue to immanentize at a narrow depth delivering lots more energy per cm2
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Previous oncology radiation beams have multi centimeter depth as well as width of adsorption. Using quantum linked high energy photons we have the guiding beam meet a highly absorbent metal form outside the body which causes all the high energy photons moving through the tissue to immanentize at a narrow depth of perhaps a mm delivering lots more energy per cm to a precisely formed shape

The shape of the radiation is the shape of the detectors outside the body

Im thinking you can just absorb the guide beam with a passive metal form perhaps measuring temperature to create an "observer" event

plus theres a graphic (link)

beanangel, Apr 16 2010

graphic with the rather strong name quantum linked photons cure cancer http://biology.wsc....ons_cure_cancer.PNG
[beanangel, Apr 16 2010]

quantum linked photons http://en.wikipedia...uantum_entanglement
[beanangel, Apr 16 2010]

Bell’s theorem http://en.wikipedia...ki/Bell%27s_theorem
Prior Art [8th of 7, Apr 16 2010]

linked photons http://www.trnmag.c..._linked_082504.html
[beanangel, Apr 28 2010]

quantum linked photons camera (just use a whole lotta photons n its a tumor zapper) http://www.infoaddi...hs-what-it-cant-see
[beanangel, Apr 28 2010]

It's a video about quantum linked photons http://www.youtube....watch?v=lOoU_4J4_Vo
quantum linked photons cure cancer create nanoassemblers as well as change the diameter of earths core ending all life on earth [beanangel, Apr 30 2010]

The geneva linked photon thing http://www.i-sis.or...ntumInformation.php
[beanangel, Apr 30 2010]


       // quantim linked high energy photons //   


8th of 7, Apr 16 2010

beanangel, Apr 16 2010

       I don't entirely follow this. Are you saying that you send a pair of entangled photons in opposite directions (one into the body, one towards a metal target), and the body will only absorb its photon when the metal target absorbs its?   

MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 16 2010

       Immanentize is a hard word. When I look it up on the web I find many references to "Immanentize the eschaton" which in use has the ring of "All your base are belong to us". When I look up immanentize and quantum I find this idea.   

       What does it mean for a photon to immanentize?
bungston, Apr 17 2010

       Don't know how many times I've mixed imminent and immanent up. I'll think Immanuel Kant for the latter.
rcarty, Apr 17 2010

       no frikin way. welcome to the future
Voice, Apr 18 2010

       [bungston] as well as [mb] The linked article says Open-destination teleportation makes it possible to transmit quantum information to any one of several processors within a quantum computer or nodes in a quantum network. "One can... choose which particle should act as the output,"   

       I think the detection activity between the three different reception locations defines the idea that one could choose any of several areas to warm up with linked photonics   

       I just found a quantum photon linked camera (link)with a physical absorber that defines the shape of the distant field "If the first photon stops at one point on the object plane, the second photon can only be observed at the corresponding point on the image plane," just use a whole lotta high energy photons to make the tumor zapper   

       when I thought about it though it was from a thing I read about Geneva; basically they did quantum teleportation across town I thought, hey, they caused a thermal event across town with linked photons; just do that with a few meters n you've got a tumor zapper
beanangel, Apr 28 2010

       [bean], would you link up the Geneva thing please? I think I understand. Immanentize must mean where the photon deposits its energy. Control of this property is at the crux of radiation oncology.   

       This could work. It would be very exciting.
bungston, Apr 28 2010

       There is a youtube video now Its funny
beanangel, Apr 30 2010

       I don't think quantum entanglement works like that. Photons are linked, but you can't interact with one photon and have an immediately observable effect on the other. It would be nice if you could, since you would then be able to send information faster than light, and thanks to special relativity, backwards in time. The best you can do in reality is measure both photons and find correlations that would be impossible without a quantum link.
Bad Jim, May 02 2010

       So this is creating an photon entanglement around and through the human body in such a way as to be able to collapse the phenomena giving a photon hit in 3D space exactly where the tumor is?
wjt, May 02 2010

       // in 3D space //   

       What use is that ? The photonic collapse needs to be accurately located in, at a minimum, 4 dimensions.
8th of 7, May 02 2010

       Doctor, please hold that tumor still, i can't quite identify its position.
wjt, May 03 2010

       But presumably you can say how fast it is moving ?
8th of 7, May 03 2010

       The tumor is moving as fast as the hospital room. (qualifier: obviously a non metastasizing tumor)
wjt, May 03 2010

       I am wondering about resolution One possibly reply is that with visible photons the resoltion is similar to that of visible light a different possible reply is that the resolution is similar to fluorescence, spectroscopy, or quantum dots another reply is that using high energy photons like near UV or crystallography wavelength photons that resolution is molecular
beanangel, May 03 2010


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