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military socket clock

probably a lot of use in the afternoon
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A socket organizer arranged as the face of a working clock. 1 - 24 mm.
nomocrow, Mar 19 2007


       Why would you use sockets more in the afternoon?   

       And what does one use 1-7mm sockets for?   

       And how do you read a clock with sockets sticking out of it?   

       What's the point? Is it just a cute way of labelling the size of the socket?
Smurfsahoy, Mar 19 2007

       Why "military"?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 19 2007

       I believe the military part only refers to the fact that it has 24 hours. Not that it is a socket clock used by the military.
Smurfsahoy, Mar 19 2007

       //I believe the military part only refers to the fact that it has 24 hours// Doesn't everyone?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 19 2007

       If this had been called "Military-Clock Metric-Socket Organizer" my head wouldn't be hurting right now.
baconbrain, Mar 19 2007

       Is there a Pocket Military Clock Metric Socket Organizer?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 20 2007

       //Doesn't everyone?//   

       ? What were you asking about in your first annotation, then? Putting military in quotes implies that you dont understand the use of that word, not that you dont understand the concept of why somebody would want to use military time for this clock.
Smurfsahoy, Mar 20 2007

       Doesn't everyone have 24 hours? The military do not have a monopoly on day length.
Texticle, Mar 20 2007


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