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Surrealist clock

Screw with clock-watchers' heads
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A clock with a small digital camera and a face-recognition chip. When it notices sustained eyegaze from one person, it engages in some momentary screwiness, then quickly reverts to normal timekeeping. The clock's weird gags would be transparent enough not to interfere with actual time-telling, yet odd enough to add a twist of lemon to your day.
eritain, Aug 09 2000

"The Persistence of Memory" by Salvador Dali http://www.geocitie...r/8733/dali/03.html
A surrealist clock, or two. [mcfrank, Aug 09 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Oil Painting Clock http://www.halfbake..._20Calendar_2fClock
Well, if *that's* the sort of surrealist clock you go for. . . . [eritain, Aug 09 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Suggested behaviors: Run the second hand backwards for four seconds, then forward at 2x speed for the same. Twirl the minute hand once round in 10 sec. Exchange the functions of hour and second hands for 1 min. Engage an extra second hand (normally hidden behind the minute hand) that clicks backwards, symmetrically to the normal one. Pull all the hands to 10:10 and 30 sec., hold that for a moment, then drop them back to their correct places.
eritain, Aug 09 2000

       I was sure that you were going to say that the clock should begin to melt when you look at it.
mcfrank, Aug 09 2000

       YEARS ago, on a BBS, I saw a screensaver of 'Persistence of Memory' that actually kept time. Unfortunately, I had a TRS-80 model 3 at the time and couldn't use it...   

       If anybody knows the wherabouts of this, I'd greatly appreciate it...
StarChaser, Aug 10 2000

       this is probably completely irrelevent but i saw some atual clocks the other day which were designed to look melted just like Dali's Persistence of Memory. Do I win £5?
HowardMarks, May 23 2001

       Credits after a movie usually appear to be in 3D to me. Maybe that's the same effect?
jutta, May 23 2001

       A great idea, and just the right timepiece for [riposte]'s Maison D'Isorientation
Saruman, Jun 03 2006


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