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mobile cows

salvation from floating herd
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genetically engineer cows to gravitate and form milking station points all over poverty stricken areas in the world. These herds will float and be refuelled (graze) in mid air (once they get used to air sickness).
man66, Jun 22 2000

little red riding-hood http://www.sexliesandfairytales.net
re-intrepreted classic narratives [man66b, Jun 22 2000, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       And megatons of cowpoop will rain from the skies...
StarChaser, Jun 22 2000

       This is a good thing (the raining cowpoop, that is)! Just think of the value to the depleted soil that is often associated with poor parts of the world...   

       Hm. Maybe the cows could be engineered to pee pure water as well, to serve as substitute rain.
rat, Jun 22 2000

       They can float over YOUR house, then...<grin>
StarChaser, Jun 22 2000

       I'm not convinced that bovine lighter-than-air travel is practical. The better solution, as I see it, is to launch the cows with catapults and genetically engineer them to have a life-span of eighteen to twenty seconds.
Monkfish, Dec 05 2000

       But that raises the question of what to call the launching device. Cowtapult? Moomerbang?
bookworm, Dec 05 2000

       The cows would soon be shot down and enjoyed for their meat; and who would replace them? The American taxpayer?
Vance, Feb 05 2001

       I vote for 'Moomerbang'.
StarChaser, Feb 05 2001

       solutions or problems can spring from crazy halfbaked ideas. But the point is very clear, food distribution, and more importantly, waste prevention, is a serious issue. Perhaps that should be re-iterated to your average overweight, overwasteful, american taxpayer !   

       But now that foot and mouth disease is spreading like crazy, perhaps mobility won't be so popular. Unless you de-contaminate at every stage?
man66b, Feb 27 2001

       Presumably this would add new life to the phrase "And pigs might fly".   

       It might, of course, also result in lots of new phrases along the lines of "Holy flying cow, batman" - which would be good. I'm all in favour of phrases like that.
Did I say that, Mar 30 2001

       besides the engineering difficulties of airborne cattle...most people in nations other than the United States are lactose intolerant...so they might not appreciate the gesture even if it were an effective milk delivery system
Matafleure, May 27 2002

       really? I don't live in the US, and i've got to say there aren't many lactose intolorant people here..   

       How 'bout downunder: UB, mighty_cheese?
yamahito, May 27 2002

       Ah, America. Birthplace of the allergy-afflicted geek.
brewmaster, May 27 2002

       if we can use pigs instead of cows i've got a whole set of dates lined up....
slyphter, May 15 2003

       Do cows get air sick???? this could be really messy.
esperance, Jan 02 2007


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