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Russian Roulette whipped cream

Open your mouth and blast away!
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Well, there's whipped cream in a pressurized can. You can spray it on chocolate mousse, your home-baked apple pie, any amount of custard (know your classics) or whatever else tastes better with whipped cream (almost everything). But you can dispense with this and just suck it right out of the nozzle.

But wouldn't it be more fun to modify the can in such a way that it looks like a gun? Oh yeah, shoot the cake! Or better: shoot yourself! Yum...

Ehrm, Sep 29 2005

Surprise Visine Spray Bottle I was hoping this was a whipped cream game based on technology like this. [Worldgineer, Sep 29 2005]


       I was hoping for some kind of chance game where someone would get creamed.
RayfordSteele, Sep 29 2005

       To make it more Russian Roulette-like, provide a random feature, where whipped cream only comes out once for every eight sprays. (perhaps what [Ray] was hoping for)
Worldgineer, Sep 29 2005

       And get Christopher Walken to do the television commercial. (ref: The Deer Hunter)
kaeru, Sep 29 2005

       It contains a cyanide capsule which might break sometime before it gets empty
neelandan, Sep 30 2005

       Does this cyanide capsule exist in a quantum state?
finrod, Oct 01 2005

       [finrod] Then it would be a Schrödinger whipped cream dispenser... But this doesn't seem practical , for a new isotope would have to be set up every time you use it.
Ehrm, Oct 01 2005

       I was rather hoping that every sixth squirt would be chili or garlic mayonnaise.
angel, Oct 01 2005

       Now I would have bunned that [angel].
wagster, Oct 01 2005


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