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mobius strip belt sander

Doubles the lifespan of a sanding belt before changing it
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New belt sander... uses a mobius strip belt. A half twist pulley is built in allowing a one-sided sanding belt. This doubles the length of the usable surface and allows longer use before having to change the belt. Maybe this has already been thought of... if so, my error.
gorn_the_great, Aug 13 2001

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       Excellent idea! Double the belt life with only minimal modifications to the sander design. The belts could be manufactured reasonably, too. Fire up the ovens -- I want this one to get baked.
BigBrother, Aug 13 2001

       ..but wouldn't the constant twisting of the belt weaken it prematurely, negating any benefit?
Jim, Aug 13 2001

       Might have to modify the base idea of a belt sander some, to allow more room for the twist.You couldn't just have it fold right over...I like this one...
StarChaser, Aug 13 2001

       This would probably only work with a very long belt like you'd find on a stationary belt sander and not a hand held. This would allow enough length to make the turn easily without stressing the belt (much). Don't they do this same thing with conveyer belts sometimes?
Rant93, Aug 13 2001

       Problem: since both "sides" of the belt have grit on them now, the sander will tend to sand its own rollers away, as well as sanding away that metal plate that goes behind the belt to let you press against stuff.
wiml, Aug 14 2001

       One side of this thing would be vertical: you could use the edge as a saw of sorts. That is, the machine would be able to turn upside-down, lockable into two positions for the two functions. For the saw position, resumably there would be a flat surface with a diagonal slit in it where the sander/saw edge comes up. Would the natural shape of this edge preclude this or not?
jabbers, Aug 14 2001

       vacuum cleaner manufacturers already do this with the belts that drive their agitator brushes.
mihali, Aug 14 2001


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