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motorcycle built for two

2 seats 2 handlebars
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The person in front is the driver, while the one in back is the passenger. Would be popular among men who must share a bike, but are uncomfortable touching each other.
jaksplat, Jan 28 2007

tandem bike http://www.statneko...om-tandem-pacer.jpg
motor/pedal [TIB, Jan 28 2007]

Tandem Motorcycle http://www.google.c...a+handlebar#PPA3,M1
take a look at illustrations esp page 3 [xenzag, Jan 29 2007]


       i like the idea, not because of the touch issue, but because of the comfort the extra legroom this design would afford. it would also make an interesting platform for electrification due to the low-and-long chassis (for battery mounting).   

       for that, you get to see what the passenger sees, a bun +   

       please note the image i've linked. an interesting hybrid of sorts.
TIB, Jan 28 2007

       It's still an ok idea, even though it already has a patent - see link.
xenzag, Jan 29 2007

       Freddy, Freddy, give me your answer do.
I'm half crazy; I want to be touching you.
Even though we can't be married,
I can ride pillion on your carriage.
For we'll be complete,
sharing the same seat,
On your motorbike, built for a screw.
Ling, Jan 29 2007

       Robin: Can I use the Sidecar ?   

       Batman: Well, If that's the way you feel today.
popbottle, Jan 04 2016


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