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Motorcycle attachment feature

Some device that attach a motorcyle that help people when rain
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In my country : Indonesia. Rain always drops almost every year. I have a motor cycle and got to bring a rainacoat, some thing like a soldier brought when in rain. This coat makes me deficult to move when rain, my feet is dirty cause of the muddy street. I want to build some modicifation to my motorcycle so it has some instrument and attachment that can protect me as driver when rain. first, there is a roof that can protect me when rain and the attachment can be wraped when it is sunny. The second : There are some device on the foot step that can protect my feet when rain, to precent splash from water on the street. So this device automaticly on when it is detect some water on street. When the street is clean, no water. The decive can shrink and inserted to body.
andrias, Apr 11 2004

buy a C1 http://www.bmwworld...els/concepts/c1.htm
[ato_de, Oct 17 2004]


       //The decive can shrink and inserted to body// are you sure this is what you want?   

       welcome to hb, andrias,   

       an dry ass? I hope this is not a wind up!
po, Apr 11 2004

       C1 with a sidecar and doors? Something like an Ecomobile? Simson Duo? Velorex Oskar?
whlanteigne, Sep 25 2005

       If I've understood this correctly, there'll be a sort of folding roof, like the one on a soft-top car, and retractable mud-guards, so it will be more flexible (both literally and figuratively) than the BMW in [ato_de]'s link. Is that what you meant, [andrias]?
pertinax, Oct 09 2007


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