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Piratebay.org - Hardcover Edition

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TL:DR: Using magnet links encoded as both 'printed text' and QR code, compile all the best files from piratebay into a paperback or hardcover book.

It is a automatically generated PDF, that you can print out, or send to a book printing shop.

First few pages are simply 'categories', and 'index'. Simply flick the pages like a 'yellow page', and locate the right bittorrent file. When you find the right file, you can read a two line description of the file, and then either 'physically type' the magnet link, or use your phone to scan the 'magnet link' encoded as a 2d 'QR barcode'.

This is possible as piratebay has now switched to a magnet link scheme, which means the entire archive can be compressed to scales of 'megabytes'.

Still to fit in, you might have to trim the 'fat', but maybe that can be done via the piratebay rating system (and comment numbers)

mofosyne, Jul 09 2012


       This would be great as a gift!
mofosyne, Oct 17 2012


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