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mud-wrestling marionettes

a tasty table decoration
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an alternative to yer bog-standard chocolate fountains (yawn), this is an innovative device that will entertain your friends, shallow creatures that they are, for at least 20 minutes but by that time the alcohol will have kicked in and the party will be going strong…

the mud bath consists of a stainless steel slim bowl complete with heating element and they, the teflon covered mud wrestling marionettes, are constantly writhing and squirming; keeping the melted chocolate in a steady state of motion circulating the gentle heat melting the creamy confection.

the puppets themselves are worked from above by a mechanical contraption that plays with their wires to jerk and twist their little limbs in and out of the chocolate sauce like a bizarre game of twister; splashing merrily and comically falling about all over each other.

mind you, the working prototype is a beggar to untangle the wires afterwards and don’t forget to bring your own strawberries…

po, Dec 15 2007


       //don’t forget to bring your own strawberries…//
I was thinking cherries...mmmm good.

       (and as for those tangled wires, just cover 'em in chocolate too, and I'll gnaw right thru them ;-)
blissmiss, Dec 15 2007

       I want to be able to hand one of them a strawberry. The puppet grabs it, dives into the chocolate and splashes & flails about, getting it well coated, then picks it up and offers it back to me.
lurch, Dec 15 2007

       {salivates} [+]
pertinax, Dec 15 2007

       please do not DRIP into my mud bath...
po, Dec 15 2007

       Chocolate scuffle.
phoenix, Dec 16 2007

       One of the rauchiest uses for Rock'Em Sock'em Robots I've ever read.
nick_n_uit, Dec 18 2007

       we'll need to wait a few months.
po, Dec 18 2007

       You'd better watch those puppets. I think one of them peed in the bowl.
dentworth, Dec 19 2007

       how would you know that?
po, Dec 21 2007


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