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Pirate Lessons

Now today is your test on "Pirating Disciplinary Methods" - I hope you've all revised...
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It seems we have so much to learn from pirates - there must be a reason behind their constant success rate, coupled with their eternal popularity.

Schoolchildren should be the first to benefit from this, and not just during odd history lesson either - Pirating should be built into every county's curriculum. One lesson a week would be enough, in which eager children would learn the REAL facts about pirating: Business methods, Navigating Techniques and Shipboard Ethics would all feature.

While children would not be taught the widely-believed fiction that pirates are fun-loving, adventurous rogues, they would be taught about the benefits that pirating culture has brought to our society, and how this can help them during their lives.

And frequent "Dress-As-A-Pirate" days would be included (compulsory for everyone, not just the kids).

Mr Phase, Sep 26 2005

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti mOnster http://www.venganza.org/
They've got a PIRATE FISHBONE! Highly suspicious. [moomintroll, Sep 26 2005]


       Its like they always used to say: spare the keelhauling spoil the crew.
Laughs Last, Sep 26 2005

       Random link but hilarious essay.
Mr Phase, Sep 26 2005

       This is the last pirate idea I will permit my hook to bun unconditionally. If the trend continues, my other hand will attempt to fight the hook, that some consideration may at least be undertaken before I leap on the bandwagon yet again.

[moomintroll] I was on that site earlier on unrelated business and I must agree, their fishbone seems very suspicious indeed.

sp. "history" [Mr Phase]
DocBrown, Sep 26 2005

       Children need to be *taught* how to behave like pirates?! I think not!
DrCurry, Sep 26 2005

       Personally I feel that, what with illegal downloading and all that, pirates are getting a bad reputation in the modern world. I'll agree with [DocBrown]'s comment. One more, and the instant vote for pirate ideas ends.
hidden truths, Sep 26 2005

       My step-son has a book about a pirate school and loves it. Lessons include swearing and boarding ships. Cool.   

       Frequent "Dress as a pirate" days should be compulsory for everyone, not just the kids. +
squeak, Sep 27 2005

       Yep that's dead right, hope you don't mind me adding that in :-)
Mr Phase, Sep 27 2005

       I've come across some great music from the Corsairs, at Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival.   

       It's really good.
DesertFox, Jun 02 2006

       It should be noted that piratism is THEORY not FACT. Students in the public education system should be provided with access to competing theories such as intelligent dismembering, the core scientific base of ningaism.
akgeo, Jun 02 2006

       Lesson 1:

Teacher: "Avast there classmates! I can tell by your eager faces that you're anxious to begin your piratical adventures, so we'll start you all off with a practical demonstration. For your first lesson I'm going to take you all on a little cruise.

Now I've brought along some special pirate sailing equipment that you'll need to wear, so if you all slip your little hands into these lovely manacles and make sure that you're all securely shackled together, then we can begin with lesson one; Making a vast sum of cash by selling innocents into slavery. Arrr!"
DrBob, Jun 02 2006

       Damn, I would bun that anno alone if it was an idea.
Germanicus, Jun 02 2006


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