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Place to put your searcheable private thoughts and information
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The issue, of course, is privacy, but also context.

This website can be useful during your discussions, assisting you with finding those things you actually wrote, sites that you read, images and videos that you saw, sounds, music, phrases and topics that you heard, and wish to recall during conversation or while writing.

You can give it hints as to what is appropriate and what is not when you are around different people and in different environments.

So that you can always look at your stuff and mark and isolate parts of it as restricted to certain areas or to certain social circles, or to certain discussed topics.

You'll write: I'm with my kids in the car, and the app knows not to discuss the gruesome news that is being spread this afternoon. Or when you say: We're at a meeting with the boss right now, it knows not to discuss basketball, or mention your best friend who's just been fired.

You are currently looking up a contact in the steering committee of your child's school so it won't start giving you information about steering wheels and other car parts although it does know which car you drive.

Then when you're looking for a phone number or a phrase or a book, or want to remember a tune, or the name of your long lost school friend, it can help you find that quickly.

The pro version does research on itself offering you what it came up with once in a while for your approval. If you "dislike" will get your taste, and know what kind of things you want to see and hear and when.

It has the context of your moods, it knows what time of the year we are in, which season we are in, where you are and what the weather around you is, who you are talking to, and what about.

And when someone steals your phone it will lock itself out because it knows this isn't you writing, it's not your typing speed and not your style and not your interests. Before revealing anything it will first stop and ask you some questions. Especially if you were silent for a few minutes. But not like password protection. So no need to store passwords and have them stolen.

If you have a twin sister who thinks very much like you and knows too much about you, then still there are ways the app can secure itself.

The encryption of the website promises that the information cannot be taken to anyone else, and when you die, or lose it with old age, or just go on a trip to central Africa without web access, the data can never be associated with you unless it's really you coming back. Therefore there can never be wikileaks. It's just another web of connected information in a giant "brain".

Since everyone in the world will be using it, unasked for advertising will be a thing of the past and impossible, because YOU are the person in control, and if there's something at a certain time or place that you don't want to see, this website helps you with that too.

So it can help you avoid the advertisements altogether without ad-block. But that's an advanced topic for later versions. Advertising companies, of course, would have to learn how to get to their audience in other ways, instead of bombarding them with unwanted and unsolicited information.

In the computer world, context also means apps and fields. So it can navigate itself and export data into a table if requested to, or fill in fields in an app.

pashute, Sep 15 2016


       This sounds like mozilla (oids) with optimized add-ons.
beanangel, Sep 15 2016

       The idea title reminded me of something I advocate (yet have thus far pretty much skipped). I advocate people at the halfbakery using their large backlogs of unpublished ideas to populate the halfbakery.   

       Publish your back catalog!
beanangel, Sep 15 2016

       Microsoft onenote?
RayfordSteele, Sep 15 2016

       // I advocate people at the halfbakery using their large backlogs of unpublished ideas to populate the halfbakery. Publish your back catalog! //   

       I do, but it's slow because I rarely feel like actually writing up an idea. I have a note in Evernote* called "Things to halfbake" that currently has a list of 104 ideas, 20 of which are checked off.   

       *I'm boycotting Evernote Plus/Premium. Basic works for me (except for the new artificial two-device limit obviously), and my use of it puts load on their servers without me giving them any money, so it's slightly more effective than not using Evernote at all.
notexactly, Sep 20 2016

       //I advocate people at the halfbakery using their large backlogs// Is that a euphemism?
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 20 2016

       OneNote knows what context your in while entering or retrieving information?
pashute, Oct 15 2016


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