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posting notifier

subscribed thread tracker and notifier
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I find that i have posted messages on various web-based message forums and forget about them over time. How about a system that i can copy and paste the link of my post into a website that monitors my post for activity and emails me when there are replies?
gopher, Nov 14 2006

Comparison of Internet forum software http://en.wikipedia...rnet_forum_software
[jmvw, Nov 14 2006]

Google Reader https://www.google....gle.com%2Freader%2F
[Ling, Nov 16 2006]


       Or....stop posting pointless bullshit all over the internet. If what you were posting on was important to you in the first place, you might rember what you said.
Chefboyrbored, Nov 14 2006

       Maybe put this in the halfbakery thread.   

       For what it's worth, I wouldn't mind if I got an email when someone anno'd one of my ideas, or perhaps an idea that I had elected to monitor.   

       I know some other forums allow this   

Custardguts, Nov 14 2006

       Custardguts, Half the fun of logging on to the HB is to check the site out, see what has been annoed and so on. It would cut down on site usage don't you think?
Chefboyrbored, Nov 14 2006

       I don't think there is need for concern that not enough people visit Halfbakery. But rather then about Halfbakery, I think this idea was about web forums. It's true, some forums will already let you set e-mail notification (see the Wikipedia comparison between forum software in the link). As gopher suggests, a web site could be written that could monitor forums, a web site that works with all forum software. Advertisers would have an interest in this and it's a viable and good idea.
jmvw, Nov 14 2006

       The halfbakery allows you to check ideas you've anno-ed, just fiddle with "views".   

       RSS - That's what I use.
Dub, Nov 16 2006

       just what i need: more crap to read.
abhorsen1983, Nov 16 2006


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