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Road Construction Webcam

Men Working... at what?
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You've seen the sign. You've seen the men. Seen them looking... looking down in that hole... and you've wondered what they were looking at so intently.

Now, you just select the street address from the website, and you get a real-time view down the hole.

I can't guarantee that you'll even then know what was so interesting as to halt the work. But at least you'll get to look for yourself.

lurch, Jul 19 2007

Political Reality TV Political_20Reality_20TV
A similar idea for politics. [nuclear hobo, Jul 19 2007]


       Id watch it, but then again I watch the b-roll show "how its made"
evilpenguin, Jul 19 2007

       "How its Made" is like porn for halfbakers, Pengy! One of the most fantastic things on television.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 19 2007

       I'm a sucker for this. I use my poor kid's education as an excuse to ask what's going on. "Look, here's the man looking down the hole. What do you think is at the bottom? Shall we ask them? <sotto voce> I don't care, just pretend you're interested <\sv>"   

       "How its Made" is like porn for halfbakers... has gotta be a tagline.
TheLightsAreOnBut, Jul 19 2007

       <yawn> What's yellow and white and sleeps three?   

       A highway maintenance truck.
nuclear hobo, Jul 19 2007

       Nobody I know likes the show "how its made" but I love it, can't stop watching it. You call it porn, well I got excited during the episode that showed PCB build up and "wave soldering". OMG best thing I have ever seen on television.
evilpenguin, Jul 19 2007

       PCB buildup and wave soldering is one of the major issues of grief in my daily work world. Yes, fascinating stuff when it goes well, but when it goes awry, being the customer is painful.
normzone, Jul 19 2007

       This would also be good for instances where the workers set up a special tent around a utility box or use the inside of a maintenance truck as a command post. When I drive by a road construction site, I want to see what they are hiding from the rest of us.
Jscotty, Jan 13 2009


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