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nested scam

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This is a scam which looks like a normal advance fee fraud, so promises of huge wealth if you can front up some cash to pay lawyers, customs officials, etc. However, the scam email would end with something like "Help! I'm being held captive by this gang of advance fee fraudsters! I have to send out all these scam emails. I'm given no pay and beaten every day - help me to escape!". There would then be an email address purportedly belonging to this victim. If you contact this you are asked to send money to help the 'victim' escape, and this, of course, is the scam.
hippo, Oct 31 2015


       INFINITE nested scams. It's just scams all the way down.   

       No, I'll go one better...   

       SCAMS AS CURRENCY! Crazy people say fiat currency is a scam. What would be even crazier is using infinitely- nested scams as a medium of exchange. Essentially, re- name a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin such that each character in the hash designates a unique scam that takes the overall scam one level deeper.   

       Now let's get REAL WEIRD...   

       Print money for yourself by scamming yourself. Do what benefits yourself, but tell yourself whatever you need to believe to feel good about it.
sninctown, Nov 01 2015

       ^ You work for the government, don't you.
FlyingToaster, Nov 01 2015

       Isn't this how those fake virus warnings work?
pocmloc, Nov 01 2015


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