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Morbid Obesity Mobile (MObile)

For those without independent transportation options
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Transforms a happening-to-be Morbidly Obese individual (MO) into a car entirely filled by the MO.  Weeble-like.  Car would be custom- conformed, padded and reinforced for the weight distribution of the particular MO.

 This is to accommodate the MO who cannot really use a regular car and wants or needs independent transportation.

The car would use a robotic Transformer-like folding system to surround and support the MO while the MO need only seat him or herself and then lift his or her legs just a weensy bit.  To exit the car, the process would be reversed.

The car would have 27 gears and an extra large gas tank and backup braking systems.  The SMV's speedometer red zone would probably begin at about 15 mph.

I must give credit to Anonymous who drove by me in a tiny convertible today, projecting this idea-rendering image upon my retinas. He had a passenger imbedded in his right side, which would not be possible on the MO MObile.

If each the members of a Morbid Obesity Meetup club had one, they could appear in parades and delight onlookers.

This idea is not a joke and makes no statement about were-there-to-be- any sterotypical behavior of MOs, which, anyway, would not be news to the reader.

Mustardface, Apr 04 2010

Mega City Belly Wheel http://4.bp.blogspo...daY/s1600-h/273.jpg
In Judge Dredd's Mega City they get by with just a (possibly very hi-tech) belly wheel. [Aristotle, Apr 04 2010]


       Parades of morbidly obese people aided by wheels?   

       I know a 2000AD story about that, see link.
Aristotle, Apr 04 2010

       I like how at no point in your idea did you refer to MOs as "people" or "humans". I don't think that onlookers would be that delighted at the parade of MOs though.
lagomorph, Apr 05 2010


       //27 gears... extra large gas tank... backup braking//
and why would that be ? a minivan can carry that kind of weight.

       //sterotypical behavior of MOs, which, anyway, would not be news to the reader//
apart from flicking through Jerry or Oprah, I've never seen one: what are their "stereotypical behaviours" ? apart from, I assume, eating rather more than they should and/or having a medical condition of some sort (apart from the obvious).

       Don't get me wrong, I'm having a bit of a giggle picturing the vehicle: like a beer kettle, a hemispherical enclosure with 6 wheels and a little hole in the top for the head.
FlyingToaster, Apr 05 2010

       I never knew Dredd had a Scottish accent
pocmloc, Apr 05 2010

       overkill. a fatty can drive a geo metro if you pull out the front seats. Plenty of stock vehicles are large enough. If there isn't enough room to reach past the gut and safely turn the wheel, then you are just too fat to operate any vehicle. Get re-aquanted with the laws of physical motion and try again.
AutoMcDonough, Apr 05 2010

       [AMD] I assume the actual post is an attempt to get the house-bound involved enough in the world outside their bedroom to jump-start a return to health or at least include them in society in some way apart from being a static zoo exhibit... as well as the broken pun. But the frame and powertrain of any vehicle designed to take 5 full-grown adults can already handle the weight: you'd just need custom cargo-loading and operation controls as well as accomodations such as door-size and seating.
FlyingToaster, Apr 05 2010

       "I never knew Dredd had a Scottish accent"
Never heard of Dredd Lochs?
phoenix, Apr 05 2010

       weelll... nae.
pocmloc, Apr 05 2010


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