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no more arguments toilet seat

toilet seat that automatically puts itself down
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For men that don't remember to put the toilet seat down, make a spring loaded toilet seat that is dampened so that after you put it up, it folds down v e r y s l o w l y....
mhh5, Dec 12 2001

toilet seat solution http://www.halfbake...t_20seat_20solution
Alternative pedal-bin-style solution. [pottedstu, Dec 12 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Toilet Seat Springs http://www.halfbake...et_20Seat_20Springs
The same idea, except it tries to open, not close the lid. [pottedstu, Dec 12 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Intelligent Toilet Seat http://www.halfbake...ent_20Toilet_20Seat
Uses arse-recognition technology to automatically move toilet to correct level. [pottedstu, Dec 12 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

and this one http://www.halfbake...27s_20Toilet_20Seat
thus, halfbaked. Did you do a search on 'toilet seat' before you posted your 'idea', mhh5? [lewisgirl, Dec 12 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Feasible, inexpensive to produce and desired by 50% of the population. Could be onto something here mhh5. Is it baked though Sealy?
Redbrickterrace, Dec 12 2001

       Yuck! Why would you want the toilet seat dampened? I assume you really want it damped.   

       There's no shortage of similar ideas here; but nothing quite the same. We've certainly discussed the issues in depth. (What happens if a man takes a long time to piss? Ow!)
pottedstu, Dec 12 2001

       Castration would not be a problem, unless you made a habit of resting your naughty bits on the rim of the toilet while relieving yourself. Having everything redirected onto the walls and floor may be a problem though.
PotatoStew, Dec 12 2001

       As well as voting on ideas, I think we should have occasional polls on which 1/2B solution to a problem is the best. For toilets, I think I'd vote for the Intelligent Toilet Seat, purely because with Schrodinger's toilet seat you have to take the box off every time you want a piss.
pottedstu, Dec 12 2001

       Castration would be a problem if you tampered with the spring, hee hee hee. At first I thought putting the upright lid in a grip that would release it after 2 minutes would be better than a slow spring, but that could be disasterous if you went in your bathroom, lifted the toilet seat, then found your fly was stuck or something, taking 1 minute 50 seconds to undo, so that you were still urinating when CLANK!
pottedstu, Dec 12 2001

       perhaps the loo seat should be manufactured like a pedal bin. normally down till yer bloke come along and activates it with his foot. might be a bit of a problem if he is literally pissed.   

       sooo sorry pot, I did not see your link....
po, Dec 12 2001

       [bristolz] I posted a similar annotation under the 'Least Recently Used Cubicle' idea. Did the opposite (raised the seat) though.
phoenix, Dec 12 2001

       Ah yes, so you did. Clockworks are cool.
bristolz, Dec 12 2001

       Great minds think alike. And yes they are. Especially the orange ones.
phoenix, Dec 14 2001

       Saw it on Home Improvement.
jimithing, Dec 15 2001

       'More presentable'? How many people here haven't ever seen the inside of a toilet? The only purpose for the lid is to keep the dog out of it.
StarChaser, Dec 15 2001

       The major advantage of putting the lid down is that you do it before flushing. That way a) any bacteria that would normally be thrown pretty much everywhere by the flushing mechanism are kept safely inside the toilet, and b) I don't have to look at what I've just expelled whooshing around happily before it finally sinks into oblivion.
sam, Dec 15 2001

       I personally don't care if anyone leaves the top of the seat up. I do, however, stand behind a plan to make the middle ring automatically fall after a flush. Sitting down on the bare toilet really sucks.
jimithing, Dec 16 2001

       Sam: Your toilet is airtight? Every one I've ever seen has spaces around the sides...
StarChaser, Dec 16 2001

       'the bathroom is more presentable and there are no more arguments'
And the cat doesn't fall in when she leaps onto it.
angel, Dec 17 2001

       More presentable how? And this thread should flush the 'no arguments' bit...   

       Granted, the cat won't fall in, but mine is more prone to getting peed on than trying to swim. <Pops up between my legs and looks to see what's going on, and becomes part of the action. This does not go over well...>
StarChaser, Dec 17 2001

       The whole discourse points out a basic flaw in civilization--the assumption that one bathroom is enough. Need two, one for each sex. No more arguments. Too much intimacy, otherwise. No such conflict would ever occur in pre-civilized human existence. Just wade out into the water for a few minutes. There are so many other such features of civilization that need to be reexamined. But before you start, get rid of your T.V. Yes friends, the watch words of today are: too much.
entremanure, Dec 19 2001

       ok what does everyone think about this version of jimithing's idea?   

       - Whenever you flush the toilet the seat is lowered and is slowed (by damping) just before it hits to eliminate the annoying bang.   

       - If you select option 2 (via a switch or button or something simple. Note that the switch is not intended to be used every time, probably only once when the user decides their preference right after they buy it) then whenever the toilet is flushed both the seat and the lid are lowered   

       Is this already baked or what?
mirage, Apr 12 2002

       Whaddever happened to night lights?
eachavez32, Nov 13 2003

       For women who never remember to put the toilet seat back up: A spring loaded toilet seat that can only be held down by the weight of a bum.
kinemojo, Sep 06 2005

       They belong down. There is much greater use for them down, percentage wise, than up, assuming an equal number of male and female users.
bristolz, Sep 06 2005

       It belongs where you think the next person to use the toilet will need it. That's true consideration, as opposed to always down or always up, which will tend to favour a single gender. If unsure, go with down as per [bris]'s statistical analysis.
DocBrown, Sep 06 2005

       lewisgirl, what was the linked idea? only 21 years later... and its already gone!
pashute, Nov 16 2022


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