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no speed limit

Exchange road speed limits for personal speed limits.
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When someone gets their driver's licence they can go 25 mph, and 10 mph faster every month they don't have an accident.
thesteve, Apr 17 2007


       So, with a little luck, they're doing F1 speeds while still in their all-grown-up early twenties? And when they crash at those speeds, you ceremoniously deduct a few mph from their charred remains, to the great comfort of the families of the other casualties?
pertinax, Apr 17 2007

       It's a personal speed limit, not a speed requirement. If you're the type of person who drives at unsafe speeds you'll never make it above 35-45 mph.
thesteve, Apr 17 2007

       My first vehicle was a Massey Ferguson 35. That was quite some time before license age, but it had the same general effect as your idea.
lurch, Apr 17 2007

       I'd be for it, but it's not just you taking the risk. You are without a doubt putting everyone around you in danger.
Night, Apr 17 2007

       Having limits on roads makes sense. Some roads are crossed and utilised by soft pedestrians, others are entirely pedestrian free. It makes sense to drive more carefully on the ones shared with pedestrians, because they can jump out sometimes without looking.   

       Setting a speed limit (linearly) proportionate with experience doesn't make sense. Driving ability does not correlate with time spent driving. It probably follows a steepish learning curve from the point you start learning, but gently levels off with experience.   

       Far better to have limits based on the location, surface and usage of the road in question, because these are the factors that most affect driving conditions.
zen_tom, Apr 17 2007

       A natural logarithm might be better - something like:

       l = log(e)+p

       where l is the adjusted limit according to the posted limit p, and the experience of the driver (in years) is e.
zen_tom, Apr 17 2007


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