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Legislative Housekeeping

For every new law, at least one old law must be repealed.
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We all know we have WAAAY too many laws. There are so many laws, the lawyers, judges and police aren't even aware most of them. You've probably break at least a few laws every day. In other words, anyone could be a target of retribution at whim by those in authority.

Hence to put a cap on it, and to encourage slimming the volumes of law books, for ever new law, at least one old law must be repealed. That simple.

seal, Aug 31 2001

This might be easier in practice. http://www.halfbake...w_20Auto-Expiration
This way you won't have to get politicians to agree on which law to axe. [BigBrother, Aug 31 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Why just one? :-S
The USA just has a couple centuries worth of crap on the books. Other countries have a lot more catching up to do.

       You have a very good point about the arbitrary retribution problem. All too often I see examples of how the power of selective law enforcement could be abused. If someone had a vendetta and access to an online-searchable archive of outdated laws, they could almost certainly find something against anyone they chose.   

       Actually, [seal], you just gave me an idea to post.
BigBrother, Aug 31 2001


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