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Pocket deliveries

A smartphone with a compact sticker printer - Send things over chat
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You want to deliver some chocolates to your mother. So you open your smartphone chat app, open the conversation with your mum and click physical delivery.

You use the chat app to organise a physical delivery. You pick a date and time of the collection and how fast you want the delivery to be.

Without needing a dedicated printer, you feed a blank sticker into the side of your phone and it goes into the phone's printer. Once it comes out the other side, you affix the sticker on your box of chocolates.

A delivery company receives word you have a package to collect and they come over to pick up your parcel which has already been labelled. Your package gets collected and your mum gets her chocolates.

chronological, Mar 17 2020

Hardware to combine with a smartphone https://www.toolsta...EAQYASABEgLRIvD_BwE
[chronological, Mar 17 2020]


       Printing labels for a delivery arranged online is Baked & WKTE.   

       Printing from apps on phones is Baked.   

       What's the innovation, other than a phone with an integral printer ?   

       With a suitable photosensetive lable, it should be possible to dispense with the printer and create a label by placing the phone screen-down on a sheet of photosensetive material.
8th of 7, Mar 17 2020

       Attach the phone to the package!
pocmloc, Mar 17 2020


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