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on the wiings of eagles

Invigorating Wii flight simulator
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Flap your wings to stay alive! You are a baby eagle pushed from the nest to begin your journey into the wide, wide world. You must flap your arms for all you're worth to keep yourself from plummeting to the Earth. Do all the things eagles do! Swoop down to snatch prey from the ground, or from water. Engage in aerial combat with coconut-bearing African swallows and territorial falcons. Or simply explore a world-wide map that draws from Google Earth.

There are two ways to do this: simple and complex. The simple method is, of course, as simple as flapping your arms while holding the nunchucks. The complex and most fun, method would involve being suspended a few feet off the ground in a harness, wearing Wii shoes that allow your feet to control your eagle's talons for more control of the bird.

21 Quest, Aug 15 2009


       I like it, but other than using a Wii system it is phundug's bird brain game. [link]   

       The Wii is what it's all about, though. This idea is less about birds and more about getting a hell of a workout. It's not meant to be educational, it's meant to be exhilerating, and the Google Earth draw makes it vastly more realistic and exciting than an artificial environment could hope to achieve. You could literally land on your own roof!
21 Quest, Aug 16 2009

       Well alrighty then. (+)   

       What happens when eagles drink Red Bull?
sninctown, Aug 16 2009

       It gives them engines, and makes them yell 'Wiiiiiiiii!!!'
21 Quest, Aug 16 2009


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