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Bring out a game that uses past model with new model.
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Usually the new lays waste to the old, in this consumer driven strive for the next best thing but the amount of engineering, investment, art and thought that has gone into these products is getting exponentially greater. Can there be a new societal game of making software games that use the new and the old hardware together?

I know of a family that has invested heavily in Nintendo. They have bought WiiU, numerous games and figures, Switch with games and carboard engineering products. They deserve the companies due admiration and possibly reward.

A company with all the propriotory working knowledge should be able to get their models to work together or against each other if the game dictates. More people of varying ages can be incorporated with each having hardware and an appropriate character stake in the game.

Even just getting the old hardware to act as extra processing unit would be an advantage. A sort of virtual gaming space of two or more machines of various models, to make use of societies engineering effort rather than letting the dust settle on a very complex box.

Of course they have to be serious fans to have more than one model.

wjt, Aug 17 2019


       I just did a Google search for [ video game that requires multiple consoles ], and I didn't find anything that even requires multiple consoles of the same model, let alone of different models. This seems like something that people who make a hobby of developing games for obsolete consoles might be interested in doing. [+]
notexactly, Aug 18 2019

       PC gaming already does this.   

       Also, each console generation is a processing power increase of ~8x, so there's minimal benefit to reusing old hardware. The design is reused, not the hardware.   

       If it helps, think of old gaming consoles as old paperback books whose words are copied many places and whose ideas have been incorporated into newer books.
sninctown, Aug 18 2019

       But the two books can have two completely different stories and be swapped out for new stories till the end of time if so wanted.   

       What it comes down to does humanity want to invest large amounts of time and resources into 2 minute wonders or make something that useful on more levels which is why computers can be programmed.
wjt, Aug 18 2019

       Logically, if multiple people inhabit the same virtual world in a game then, if some people are using older hardware, their characters in the game should appear older.
hippo, Aug 19 2019


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