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Have we done a Wii wee joke yet?

Happily piss on things you'd like to piss on without being prosecuted or told to wash your hands
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Wii controller held at groin, controls direction of virtual urine from a computer-rendered pixel penis.

The thumb controller can either be used to shuffle backwards to avoid getting any on your shoes, or to adjust pressure.

The trigger enables a shaft squeeze, to stop the flow, in order to start a new shape elsewhere without embarrassing Etch-a-Sketch vapour lines.

An online connection and digital mapping allows the user to customise the game in order to piss on things they'd like to piss on, like Nick Clegg's face, or your boss, for instance.

I'm well aware this kind of toilet humour is below me. It would still be good.

theleopard, Sep 21 2012


       It was all going well until the gratuitous Nick Clegg reference - please apologise, if possible using the medium of an autotuned version of yourself to the tune of some Victorian variety number.
zen_tom, Sep 21 2012

       [zen_tom], I'm reeeeeally sooorry... I'm reaLLY SSoorryee, that you feeEeel that WAY. I'll triiiiiie mybesto, pick oooooop MYGAME (for you). YesIwill. I'm reeeeeally sooorry... I'm reaLLY SSoorryee, I just thoUght you'd LIKE. Some toooooilet humour.
theleopard, Sep 21 2012

       There should be a version for women, maybe something where they can laugh at wii willies.
zeno, Sep 21 2012

       Well, isn't that the beauty of this idea? Women can finally take part in man's most enjoyable – and hitherto anatomically prohibitive – pastime.
theleopard, Sep 21 2012

       Women can pee further than men in either direction.
pocmloc, Sep 21 2012

       The game 'no more heroes' has a light sabre like weapon that is recharged by wanking motion and there are numerous other references to the wee . Toilet humour is an absolute necessity to the extent that doing anything bum or willy related is in essence making a joke.   

       Incidently I'm off to make a joke right now.
rcarty, Sep 21 2012

       Wiicked Pisser   

       //I'm well aware this kind of toilet humour is below me.//   

       Are you saying you posted this idea while on the can?
ytk, Sep 21 2012


       Eh? Too late you say?   

       Ah well, carry on then. [+]
Grogster, Sep 21 2012


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