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one big giant umbrella

shelters you from rain and redirects water some place where it is wanted
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These would be pillars that were placed strategically around cities prone to bad weather and floods. When it begins to rain giant umbrellas are released from within the pillars and connect together to form one giant shelter for the whole city. The shelters can be made to slant in certain directions in order to direct the flow of the water as it hits the shelter. The water that is collected from these huge umbrellas could be stored for future droughts, poured into the nearest river, or, depending on how big the umbrellas are could be poured into countries in desperate need of water. The pillars could have some kind of sensor that can sense water (I don’t know much about that kind of thing) but they could also be manually controlled so that if the city/country is in desperate need of rain the pillars can be told not to release the umbrellas. The pillars can also be told to release the umbrellas every other rain fall so that gardens are still able to be naturally watered and stuff.
bethy_babs, Oct 18 2002


       <Jasper Carrot>You need to be careful with these or you'll have someone's eye out.</Jasper Carrot>
PeterSilly, Oct 18 2002

       But many people enjoy the rain. There is nothing better than falling asleep to the sound of rain hitting my bedroom window.
baron555, Oct 18 2002

       There is nothing worse than falling asleep to the sound of my neighbo(u)r's headboard hitting my bedroom wall. At least that what my neighbo(u)r says.
thumbwax, Oct 19 2002


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