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online database of bike trails

like yahoo maps but for bikes
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Why do cars get all the play?
futurebird, Feb 17 2001

Seattle http://www.ci.seatt....us/td/bikemaps.asp
[egnor, Feb 17 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Sacramento http://www.sacog.or...kemaps/bikemaps.htm
[egnor, Feb 17 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Austin http://www.ci.austi...bicycle/bikemap.htm
[egnor, Feb 17 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Example of a profile http://www.mindspri...enways/cuesheet.jpg
Basically, elevation as a function of odometer reading. [LoriZ, Feb 17 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       I can't find a central database, but there are bike maps online for many areas. I've linked three examples.
egnor, Feb 17 2001

       yeah that's the whole point, nothing comprehensive like yahoo.maps with riding directions distances and such . . . .
futurebird, Feb 17 2001

       How about an online database for the "rails to trails" program? (brief explanation: abandoned rail roads turned into trails for hiking and horses)
Susen, Feb 17 2001

       Oh my god. I would love a searchable rails to trails, maybe people could upload images of diferent parts of the trail so you know where you are going. (I got lost on my 20 mile run saturday, only to find that they weren't done with the trail) Ah well. Adventure is a good thing.
futurebird, Feb 18 2001

       I love this idea, but worry about how a mapquest style system would implement it. For example, a bike path may make a 90 degree turn down 2 flights of stairs & reverse direction into a switchback . (Actually part of one the seattle trails mentioned above. It took me 2 trips to finally find it) By the current online map standards this would be reduced to a small orange blotch.   

       When I'm on a bike, I'm a lot more aware of topology. To make this system *really* rock, it should have a variable for the trade off between distance & altitude gain.
tenhand, May 17 2001

       Yah they should have 10:1 vertical proflies of all charted itineraries.
LoriZ, Oct 11 2001

       Are proflies just experienced amateur flies or do they have training?
bristolz, Oct 11 2001


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