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"Random-ciser" Exercise Video

Randomly change your video workout program.
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Tired of doing the same old, boring "Sweating to Oldies" workout over and over again? Just pop in the Randomciser Exercise DVD, and get ready to have a completely new workout each time!

The DVD would contain snippets of different execises to tone different parts of your body. Upon loading the DVD, a program would start that would allow the user to select the exercises needed for their workout. Or, the user could just press "random", and let the DVD player prepare a total-body workout for them.

flicken, Apr 26 2003


       I'm getting exausted just thinking about it. Obviously a good idea, then.
dustmonkey, Apr 26 2003

       Right now I'm wondering why this hasn't been done already, it's a brilliant idea! It might not be as effective as a fixed routine in some aspects, but it would certainly mean less boredom and more fun. You could create schedules based on trends too, so that it wasn't completely random. For instance you could say that on odd days of the week it gives you a passive stretching routine, and on even days isometric stretches. Excellent idea!
adr, May 31 2003

       Working out is about routine. It's about habit. Persistence. Reps. If you can't bear to do the same exercise routine more than once, your exercise program won't last, I don't care how random the tape manages to be. But, a gimmicky idea that I believe will generate lots of revenues, anyway.
phundug, May 31 2003


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